5 Minute Freewrite: toe jam

in Freewriters9 months ago

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Toe jam. Like cutting one's fingernails or toenails in public, I find toe jam distasteful. Not the stuff itself. I enjoy digging fuzzies out from between my toes or scraping gunk out from under my toenails. But the words. Toe jam. Jam is something you eat, the gunk you dig out from under your toenails or between your toes is not something you eat. So let's call it like it is. Toe gunk. I don't like pleasant words being used to describe unpleasant things. Not that toe gunk is unpleasant, really. Just...kinda gross. But gross in a good way. I mean, okay, I don't want to keep going down this train of thought.

Toe jam. Jam made of toes. I'm a vegetarian so that's also distasteful.

But say I were a serial killer and I saved the toes of all my victims. I'd remove the bones and nails. Probably easier to cook them first and then debone and denail them. Then I could grind up the flesh and add some tomato paste and seasonings and voila! Toe jam. Great spread on a toasty bagel. Toe jam, a serial killer's secret pleasure. Other secret pleasure. Fingerlings, too.



It looks like you and your sister have more than the average number of toes.