5 Minute Freewrite: Heirloom

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Gigi put the heirloom down and looked at. Really looked at it, examined it at every corner, sniffed it all over. Could it really be hers now? She didn't want it, not like this. It wasn't worth the loss. Or was it? She sniffed it again. It smelled good. Really, really good. But the loss! Her person. Her love. Her comforter and the one she comforted. But this would be good too. She took a tentative lick. If she didn't watch herself, she'd devour it too fast, and then really be left with nothing. She almost took another lick, then stepped back. Wasn't life for living, though? It was hers now. If she just hoarded it, never enjoyed it, then the loss really would be for nothing. She stepped closer. She jumped back. Was that someone at the door? No, they would never have it! She grabbed the heirloom and ran to the back door.

That's five minutes. If you hadn't guessed, Gigi is a dog. The heirloom is a bone. Her person's bone? Ooooooh.

Anyone reading this has my permission to continue the story and see what happens. If you do, credit me for the opening, and post a link in the comments! Fun fun.


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Oh my I did NOT anticipate that lol! Well played.