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Oh my goodness! That sounds like it could have been a very dangerous situation, and I'm glad you were able to stop the truck in time. I hope you can get it rinsed off really well and get the salt water off. Would a car wash do any good? Or is it all the stuff under the hood that is the concern?


All of the wiring going to my brake lights and the brake lines is a worry, also the wheel bearings and brakes. We each had a water hose and sprayed everything from two angles but it will be something that only time will tell. It was very scary when I was trying to get in it and with it in reverse and knocking me down. When the water started coming in the cab, I knew I had one last chance before the engine went under and I swear I do not know where I got the strength from. I had one hand on the steering wheel, my legs were under the door and I pulled myself onto the seat. All I can say is Thank you, God.