Luge, A Nonsensical Freewrite Poem

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Mugwort makes me write poetry
the old lady said
I go all adorety
and take to my bed
A good yarn is told
on the backs of the old
all tellers tell stories
that go this place or that
but no one feels glories
like the tip of a hat
a drip on the hat band
sllthers down to my toes
and my grey hair turns orangey
like everyone knows
the orange topped glory who rose to the top
against all the chances that of course he would flop
and now we all talk nonsense
while trying to make sense
every single word, tear or shimmy
or simple hand shake
gets blown out of proportion until we all think
I am right you are wrong
the world keeps turning round
the most dangerous writing app
makes five minutes feel quite long
I am sorry I started
No, wait, I sure am not
because I know not what I've written
until it is time to stop
and surprise of all surprise
I manage to make sense
tell a tale
weave a yarn
no matter how hard I have tried
to write gobbledy gook
and go wild
the drip of the faucet
has been fixed
the dog that went poo poo has also been fixed
the feral cat in my yard
still somehow has balls
even though I trapped him
and betrayed him
yet here he is at my door
meowing and wanting
to NOT come in
which I want desperately

This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge which you can find here. Today's prompt is yarn. I've always found writing freewrites to be a total rush. I set the timer and off I go. It's much like mounting a luge (which I have had the pleasure of once), strapping myself in, and setting off down the track, only tiny adjustments necessary to stay on the path of a story I did not know I knew. But I gotta say, trying to write nonsense is an even bigger rush! Try it!

This is also my second entry to @rycharde's nonsense contest, which is a super fun challenge! Calling all creative writers to give it a shot!

I have previously posted a number of freewrite poems. For those, I wrote freely for two or three minutes, then used the rest of my five minutes to proofread and edit, which was mostly just taking stuff out because so much of it seemed nonsensical and off topic. But here, even though I was trying to write nonsense, I can leave every single bit of it in, and it makes quite a bit of sense. Go figure. Another mystery of freewriting.

I used The Most Dangerous Writing App to write this. The only changes I made after the timer went off were fixing spelling errors.

image by @wales, Dean Moriarty




In following the links you included in this post, I learn that @ecoinstant has "started a crazy new craze of rhyming banter...this involves commenting using any amusing rhyme structure....any rewards are automated but the judgment remains human... The subtle complexities of human word-play, with puns and allusions, homophones and homographs and downright jibberish, would regress any AI bot to the IQ of a grain of sand. Best left to humans."

Cool! Your beloved #haikubot (LOL) is proof of that. (Best left to humans.)

would you like to be a rhyme curator? @rhymebot

Me?? My degree is in English teaching, but poetry always eluded me.
Just don't ask me to grasp the symbolism and deeper meanings.
How much other work would I shirk to find time to curate rhyme...

@rhymebot detects a fellow soul,
a work shirker and rhyme-timer who's
taught students to use words for a goal.
What more could I ask for? We've nothing to lose.

It feels like I'm being courted--
the siren call of curator work
(which I'd sooner shirk)
could surely be aborted?
No? What would YOU choose,
dear reader-oos?

Aha! Did some searching.

Instead of leaving Steemit, many of us--BUILDERS--are working to make STEEM fun again.

A @rhymebot comment curator need only reply to a fun, funny, punny, rhymy or even aliterative comment with @rhymebot within the comment. @rhymebot will loyally vote the parent of the curators comment where it was called.

I'll try it!
If it gets to be too much
I'll pass the buck
but I'd rather be a builder than a complainer.

Click on the link below for @ecoinstant's post on rhymebot:

ask @deirdyweirdy. She is excellent at it.

What about you?
I see you love poetry too!
@rhymebot wants comments, though.
Her votes for a post are too low.

What does a rhyme curator do? I'll go leave some ditties in the comments there today. I feel very inept at rhyming, so perhaps it's time I did something about that.

proof of tweet #posh,

Jabber on, Jabberwocky of Freewritehouse! I love these!!
And I laugh/wince/cringe at the truth about handshakes blown out of proportion and heightened sensitivities, and you remind me now of Mother Goose, and how "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" meant something to the original audience that today's readers would never guess.
The feral cat! OMG! How unexpected:
the feral cat in my yard
still somehow has balls
even though I trapped him
and betrayed him

And the closing line: high-impact.

#Love it!

Wow. Thank you so much for thinking this has value. I mean, it has some truths in it like any freewrite does, but I really thought this would be of no interest to anyone else. Makes me wonder. Maybe I COULD write something like Lincoln in the Bardo, one of my favorite books.

Of course you could!
Gotta go check out Lincoln in the Bardo....

Many thanks!

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Same to you! I've found something that I love to do but have never dared to try before. And it's really really hard! Thanks so much.

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I really love this your type of poetry.

Am here to deliver the weekend Freewrite Prompt

A single prompt for you
The 3-1 starts here

Awesomely weird @owasco, I bookmarked that app, but haven't tried it yet.

Here's what happened the first time I tried to use it. It works some major voodoo!

I bookmarked the website, but still haven't had time nor reason to try it yet.
I will though, Thanks for turning me on to it @owasco

Howdy owasco! Wow did you just sit down and knock this out all at once?

themostdangerouswriting app, man. Check it out. You can not stop writing or everything you have written will be ERASED. It works like magic. Here's my favorite thing I ever produced with it, and this was the first time I ever used the app:

Howdy tonight owasco! Oh man, that is a great little story for sure! lol...And that was just off the top of your head right? So if you pause for too long it erases everything! That's crazy challenging.

Try it! It's a great warm up exercise, and amazing stuff comes out of you, even if you don't use it. Of course there is no way to know, because if you stop typing for more than 1/2 second, everything is gone. Everything. I love it.

Oh that sounds like a great challenge for writers. I don't like writing that much so I'm not a very good fit for steemit but I sure admire all the great writers on here!