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RE: An Uphill Battle (that will be won) -- not quite a five-minute #freewrite

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I'm not going on a diet, I am embarking upon a complete lifestyle change.

And this is what most don't get. You are stuck in a corner, you try to fight back with a diet change you hate with your guts and after a while, you go back to the same damn routine you once were. Going on a strict diet may hasten the process a bit but it doesn't do much in the long run. Been there, done this many times, didn't work.
Changing the whole lifestyle is the only way to sustainable metabolism.

Kudos to you!
Not wishing any good luck, 'cause you ARE gonna do it!


Not wishing any good luck, 'cause you ARE gonna do it!

Damned straight I am. 😉 Haha, thank you! That's exactly right, about diets and quick fixes and people going back to just how they were before. I might have done it a few times myself over the years. But now is time for actual change, and so far the change has been pretty good and very doable, liveable. 😀