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This is my post for #freewrite Saturday prompt dead battery hosted by @mariannewest

I have not felt like writing because life has been quite depressing and I could not find anything good to write about. But we did get some good news, my husband is finally going to get his hernia operation. They will do it this Thursday. That is if they do not close elective surgeries again.

My husband has been in a foul mood, with the fishing being bad, his upcoming surgery, and this damn virus. I think that with all his negativity it is wearing on me and making all my batteries die.

My boat battery has been going dead every day, it should last all day and I charge it every night. The other day my go-pro camera and cell phone had a dead battery and I had charged both of them the night before. This is why I say all the negativity is draining me and my equipment.

My favorite saying is [this too shall pass], it just needs to go ahead and pass because I am really tired of it.

This turned out to be fitting for how I feel. We had some apples that were going to go bad so I made an apple pie. When I cut the edge of the crust off from around the pan my husband picked it up and rolled it into a ball then he placed it in the middle of the pie. I cut the slots around it and baked it. I did not plan for it to look like this but I call it my angry man pie.



Very very pissed off man.

Wow that does look like an angry man @myjob, but I bet the pie tasted real good, and yes you are right about bad things will pass, and do as you did with the old apple's, make a tasty pie out of it, it's awesome.

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Thank you @thisisawesome I could not believe my eyes when I saw the pie. I thought it was fitting as to how things were going. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and stay that way.

Wow that face on the pie! That is a good name for it lol. But I bet it tasted amazing. 😉Keep up the great work. You are Awesome! 👍

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

I never saw a pie with an expression like that! It's hilarious! I know what you mean about feeling like your inner batteries are dead. My life is currently filled with unpleasant situations, and I'd like it to be over soon.

Yes, you are correct "life is currently filled with unpleasant situations" and it seems to not be getting any better. This year totally sucks. I would say things can not get any worse BUT every time I say that it shows me it can. My hubby finally had his hernia surgery and is at home re-couping. So that is a good thing. The pie did seem to sum life up. lol I have not felt much like writing so I have not been on here. We are both healthy and I hope the same is for you and your loved ones.

Actually, my husband has developed an alcohol problem in recent months, to the point where I would say he has become an alcoholic. It has turned my life upside down and inside out. I am angry, disappointed, frustrated, sad, and a lot of other things. I suppose I should write a post about it.