Weekend Freewrite -6/20/2020 - Single Prompt Option

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This is my post for #freewrite Saturday prompt depression hosted by @mariannewest

I chose depression for my prompt because I am pretty sure my husband and I are going through it, but we have different ways of handling it.
First I will tell you why I think we have it. I do not think I need to mention the virus, that alone will make the happiest person depressed. We are seeing the end of our life as commercial fishermen. There is nothing for us to catch, the state with their messing with the natural ways of the river have succeeded in killing it and the fish who once thrived in it. We will still be able to catch pompano in the winter, they are a saltwater fish. But all of the fish and seagrass that prefer brackish water are no more. Our river is supposed to be a brackish water lagoon, it is not really a river. The state wants the freshwater for the developments, they treat it and sell it to the houses. To convince the public that freshwater was bad for the river they would hold it back with dams then dump it all at once causing algae blooms. If you ask anyone who does not work on the water what the problem with the river is, they will tell you too much freshwater. TOO MUCH FRESHWATER. IN A BRACKISH WATER LAGOON!!!! We have checked the salinity and because of evaporation, it is saltier than the ocean water. I feel my blood pressure rising so I will stop there.

We feed our bait crabs, we need two a day and can not catch enough of them. We are trying to figure out what we will do to make money during the summer months and so far we have not come up with a plan.

I have been thinking about how alike my husband and I are and how we handle depression so opposite. He likes to vocalize his depression everything is doom and gloom. I keep it in, not saying anything. I do not think our house could stand two people talking all doom.

Right now it is pouring rain and I hear my husband laugh then say "can you believe we are the only ones getting stormed on". uhh, I can believe it, but do I dare reply....no way. I just swallow real hard keeping my words from running out my mouth.

I missed a fish today and when I went to change baits I looked at the pigfish I took off of the hook and said, you look how I feel.


I caught 5 trout that weighed 13 pounds.


💔💔💔 it will get better, hopefully it will.

Hello @ebingo I like your positive vibe. Thank you

You are most welcome