Through the kitchen window. I see free meat

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This is my post for #freewriters Sunday prompt standing at the window hosted by @mariannewest

I did not fish today and I am not going tomorrow either!!! Thankfully the wind is going to be blowing too hard. My daughter asked if I could take her son to the dentist tomorrow so I will do that for her.

My husband went up the creek again today, he caught 150 pounds of mullet and 10 pounds of goats. So that is a little money and every little bit helps. Since I hurt my back I can no longer throw a cast net or I would be up there, too.

My husband hasn't hunted in the last 5 or 6 years, I wish he would start again. I remember one time I was standing at the window doing dishes and a hog came into our backyard. I told my husband it was out there and he got his shotgun, slipped out the back door and stood on the porch, and shot it. I had never watched him shoot one and it amazed me that it fell right where it was standing. I thought it would take off running or go a few feet, nope it just dropped and was dead.


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That looks like a big critter. Do they run wild there?

yes, they are considered a nuisance and there are no restrictions on hunting them. It saves us a lot of money and the pork is so good, we even make some of it into ground pork for hamburgers or meatloaf.


In a time like this, those are great skills to have ... I know people feel different ways about hunting and trapping and fishing, but God gave us stewardship to use all resources wisely, and if money is tight and He sends free meat by, by all means...

yes, I do agree with you, I have had someone say to me, how could you eat a wild animal and I replied they are much better than an animal that has been pumped full of who knows what and you have to buy. It is free and much better meat.

Yes, it is ... I get stares for picking the local fruit trees and bushes that people think are just "ornamental," but because I've grown my own fruits and vegetables, I know that what is grown in the locale, taken care of by the local bees (mostly bumblebees in my city), and NEVER sprayed is actually much better fruit ... but see, only if you know do you know ... I was born in the city, but I grew up very close with my grandmother the old (and thus organic) farmer who would taste what we grew in the backyard and say, "Now THAT tastes like a Such-and-Such!" after years of being tired of what she could get at the stores ...

we have bananas that are short and fat called horse bananas and ones that are short and skinny that is called ladyfingers, both are better than what you get in stores also mangos that most people will not eat because they are stringy people turn their noses up at both but if you know how to cut the mangos they are not stringy and the flavor is out of this world with goodness. Like you say, it is all in what you know.

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