The state of Fl killed the river

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I am so tired of people saying how beautiful the river is. They love how clear the water is. They don't know that there is no food, algae, in clear water. If I tell them clear water is no good, they look at me like I am crazy.

Algae is the bottom of the food chain. The river used to be a very green color, you could not see six inches into it. Now in six feet of water, I can see the bottom.

The other thing people say is, they need to stop all of the freshwater from flowing into the river. They don't know it is supposed to be a brackish water lagoon.

When the river started dying was after the state started cutting off all areas where freshwater flowed into it. To get public opinion on their side, they would hold the freshwater back then dump it all at once, which caused bad algae blooms then telling the news it was the freshwater doing it. What they don't know is the state wants the freshwater to flow into the lakes they built, then they treat it and sell it back to the people through pipes they laid and made everyone hook up to what I call the city water system.


Ugh.... that's awful. I'd never know it either.

Agreed. That is awful.

I would have a hard time swallowing a load of BS that freshwater kills anything or pollutes anything.

An ecosystem definitely needs to allow the natural muck and mold to accumulate, to start attracting animals that clean it the natural way, and also provide food sources for other life.

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Government mismanagement of Florida waterways is an unacknowledged ecological disaster that has been going on for about a century.

Yes, it has, they did the same thing to Biscayne Bay many years ago, then they did it to Tampa Bay. Both when Miami and Tampa were growing. Both had beautiful grass flats but now they, like here, have no more seagrass and the water stays clear. Good for tourism bad if you live in it or make your living from it.

Same problem in a lake I have some property on. It looks good, but I know the weeds are coming next.

I didn't know that about our being deliberately mislead, but I sure do believe it.

if they would have diverted the freshwater and not said anything, then we had all the seagrass die, thousands of birds, fish, many sea cows, and dolphins die. The public would have raised hell, but if they cause algae blooms and tell the public that the freshwater is why these things are dying then there is no stink and the people believe they need to keep the fresh water out of the river. And the state gets to keep all the freshwater for the towns. 😡