Stop blaming

in Freewriterslast month

This is my post for #freewriters Sunday prompt who to blame hosted by @mariannewest

There is this thing called an accident, but when one happens why do people look to who to blame? Some people get downright irate even though they can see you are terribly upset over it and trying your best to tell them how sorry you are. It is like they do not want to hear it, all they want to do is call you every name that they can think of.

We all make mistakes but when you see someone else making a mistake, don't fly off the handle at them, try having a little compassion, put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you were the one who made the mistake?
Were we always like this or is it something that has evolved over time? We need to take a deep breath and have patience with each other learn to care even love one another we are all in this cycle called life and trying our best to survive. {{hugs}}


Good advice and I follow it to my best ability. Reblogged.