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When we first bought our property this was the only road to it.

It went across our neighbors' land, they were an elderly couple. But as they aged their Son wanted them to move to California and live with him. They rented their property to new people. We did not worry about crossing the land because we have a 40-foot easement.

The new neighbors turned out to be drug dealers and my husband wanted to separate our traffic from theirs so he cut this road through the woods.
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One day we were coming home and we saw a man standing in the middle of our road we were wondering what he was doing, but before we could stop and ask him, he put his finger up to his lips to shus us then he pulled a lanyard out of his shirt and showed us a badge. We waved at him and drove on by. It was not long after this that the drug dealers moved out. I think they were in need of a lawyer.

We had a hurricane and it made our tunnel road impassable so we started using the other road. Then the property sold and the new owner did not want us using the road, our problem was at one end of the road was within the 40 feet easement and the other wasn't. The new neighbor wanted to put a gate up but the county told them no because as far as they are concerned this was our easement because it was the only road when we bought here. But if we wanted to pursue it we need to get a lawyer

The neighbors thought we did not have this easement or they thought they could bully us, they tried to tell us we needed to go through another neighbors land. We paid a lawyer to write a letter, after we showed him our easement papers, stating that we had a right away. She told my husband that she wanted her privacy and since our easement did not go across one end of the road to only use the road that he built. Then she did this.

She took all the woods out between the two roads, her idea of privacy is different from ours.


Wow! Your neighbor is about as friendly as some of mine, and as silly.

she is down right evil, I hope your neighbors are not evil.

Until recently, we have been blessed with wonderful neighbors. Some of the most recent ones are another story.