Rattlesnakes aka Life warriors

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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt life warrior hosted by @mariannewest

My husband hates to kill the rattlesnakes that come in our yard, but he says if someone in our neighborhood gets bit or it bites our granddaughter's dog he could never forgive himself. He calls them old warriors or one could call them life warriors. The first one we saw, our turkeys were in a circle making this weird clucking sound. My husband walked over to see why they were doing this and saw the rattler tangled in a piece of plastic fencing. It was the second biggest one I had ever seen. The first was a 10 footer my brother got many years ago.


I agree with my husband, they are warriors but there is no place for them anymore. It is sad. My husband always eats them, including their heart. I will fry them for him but have not been able to bring myself to eat one. Our friend is from Mexico and he calls eating one good medicine. I am not sure what he means by this. Once I cooked one in the crockpot, do not do this, it is the grossest thing EVER. My husband said the meat was still good but to look at it was not, the entire crockpot was bones.

This is the last life warrior that he got just a few months ago. Our grand daughter's dog was barking at something and when my husband saw what it was he got the dog in the house and grabbed his gun.


The marking on them is beautiful for such a dangerous snake. We have not seen any little ones, I know they are here, but where?


He soaks the skins in glycerin then dries it and mounts it on a piece of the foam insulation board.



Wow, those are huge snakes! I don't think they grow that big out west, but I could be mistaken.

I know, there doesn't seem to be any small ones here