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This is my post for #freewriters Thursday prompt stiff fingers hosted by @mariannewest

The river water temperature is still too cold for pompano to come in. So yesterday after looking everywhere for warmer water. I tried jigging down in the inlet, hoping that some might pull in on the flood tide. I jigged all day and only caught 4 sheepsheads, I stayed until 5:00.

Today I was fired up to catch sheepshead. I stopped in the channel and cast netted shrimp to use as bait plus I took a bag of sand fleas with me. I also put a grappling hook anchor on my boat. Yesterday I could not anchor because the one I have will not hold in a rocky bottom.

I go over there and get anchored. I take one of my pompano rods with the two hook rig on it and put smaller hooks on. I dropped it over the side of my boat and the rod tip starts jumping as soon as it hit bottom. Little snappers. Every time I dropped it down there the little snappers either ate all the bait or I caught them, all undersize. I tried jigging and kept getting hung. The tide was running a lot harder today. When the tide slowed down I pulled the anchor and the first drift I caught a legal sheepshead. Then I caught 3 that were undersize.

I looked at my phone and could not believe it was already 5 o'clock, my back was hurting and I had stiff fingers, even typing this hurts them, having arthritis in them does not help but I keep making myself use them because I figure if I let them get soft then that will be it.

When I got my boat pulled out a woman that I have got to know was there, she likes to take pictures of people and things on her walk every day. She asked to take my picture with a fish so I showed her my biggest sheepshead.


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@hivebuzz thank you

You're welcome @myjob, thanks for your motivation 🌹🌹🌹

Do you have any idea how that fish got its name? My dad used to raise sheep, and their heads didn't look much like that fish.

I asked my husband and he said he heard it was because of their teeth. If that is true you would think they would be called sheepsteeth fish, lol ok, I googled it and this is what google says... The fish got its name because of its resemblance to a sheep's mouth full of teeth. The teeth actually look like human teeth. Nowadays, this fish is rare in the waters around Brooklyn. This North American species lives from Cape Cod through Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil. I guess you can google anything.

Well then, thanks for doing my homework for me. Ha ha!