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This is my post for #freewriters Thursday prompt fragile things hosted by @mariannewest

Today I ran to the big flat, the water was clear and as I rode over the shallow water, all I could see were big stingrays. I never saw any other type of fish. From there I went across black point and down to the sleuth, There was not a fish of any kind in these places either.

I was thinking about all the shrimp being caught in the channel and figured there has to be fish of some kind with all the shrimp. I stopped where all of the boats were and threw the jig several times I even put a shrimp head on the jig and dropped it to the bottom, nothing bit.

I put a four hook rig on a planer and trolled all the way to cat island and back for nothing. I did see something that I have never seen in the river, this freighter came by me.


Since I could not catch anything I decided to go back to where the other boats were catching shrimp and see if I could catch any in my little 6-foot net. I never had more than 5 on a throw but after 2 hours of throwing, I figured I had 45 or 50 of the fragile things.


A friend of mine was at the boat ramp and I gave them to her which got me in trouble with my husband. He says I should have sold them to her and that would have paid for my gas. Then went on to say he is tired of having my fuel come out of his fish. He is just going to have to get over it, I am in no mood to listen to him.


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@curie thank you and I hope you have a great weekend

That’s tough, going home empty handed. Sorry it wasn’t a good day for you! It’s hard sometimes, balancing things like selling fish versus giving someone you know who probably needs them the fish. I get both sides of the argument there! Can’t say I would have done it different but knowing money is needed is also tough.

@cmpixty this morning he apologized which makes it easier but my feelings are still hurt.

I am sorry that you didn't catch any.
What do you think that ship was doing there? (marianne)


Wow! That was so selfless of you. Sorry you didn't get any fishes. Are they sometimes scarce like this?

@wems yes we do not have many fish that live in our area year-round, most are migratory we catch them as they are going by. When they all go south for the winter, it leaves us with nothing to catch, that is why we trailer our boats south but in very cold winters they go too far south and with the price of fuel, it is not profitable for us.

Ooh. Thanks for explanation. That was insightful.