Long day no fish

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This is my post for #freewrite Saturday prompts
cheery ugly patterns
slender waist
utter silence
thick runner of carpet
glittering lights shining down
slow rotation

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I feel like I am stuck in this cheery ugly pattern I started my day with a positive attitude, I was going to catch fish today. My husband went up the creek to catch mullet and goats. I drove to Round Island. The wind was supposed to blow today but I did not care, I need to catch something.

I get to Round Island and it is not blowing I was excited thinking about having a good catch. I idle out of the channel and turn north I get just offshore of the Hell Holes and skipped a pompano, I anchor and throw all six rods out. Then sit my slender waist down and in utter silence I wait and wait and wait. After about 15 minutes I check my baits, they are all gone, the little fish we call pickers ate all of my bait. I rebait everything and check them in 5 minutes, again they are all gone. So I need to move.

I go 2 miles to the north but do not find anything so I go back to where I skipped the fish and before I got there one skipped. I anchored and it was like a slow rotation of earlier the little pickers ate all my bait. I moved several times and found the same results.
The wind was blowing, it was cloudy but had bits of glittering lights shining down so I stayed until 3 in the afternoon, moving in all depths of water but could never get away from the pickers
I was wishing that I was in a calm cove and a piece of thick runner of carpet to lay on and take a long nap.

I get home and tell my husband I did not catch anything and he says to me "I have been keeping track, you have fished 13 days and caught 4 pompano and now the 100 pounds of mullet I caught goes to paying for the fuel you burned". He has a way of making a girl feel worse than she already feels.


That sounds like an extremely discouraging day. Dang pickers!

yes, it was, I have never gone this long without having a catch.

Fishing is a Bit Hard work and Exciting at the same time, I suggest you to dont give up, tomorrow Is going to bring more oportunities for you to catch some,

hope you enjoy your day,
happy new year

Thank you for the kind words, I can't give up because it is my only way of making a paycheck. Which makes it a lot harder to handle. Don't get me wrong, I do believe I will catch again.

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