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This is my post for #freewriters Tuesday prompt utter silence hosted by @mariannewest

With us only getting one or two days a week to make a paycheck we need to make it count. We are not doing this, nothing seems to be working for us.

The water temperature is too cold for the type of fish we are now catching so we trailered an hour south of where we live. I had to get diesel and there is one station in our town that sells it but there was a line so I went to the next station that I knew sold it which is two towns to the south. I pull in and a truck is sitting at the pump. I think to myself, he is waiting for someone to pay inside. He is sitting there talking on his phone, I inch closer to him, still talking, I get as close as I can, he is still talking. About 5 min later he pulls away from the pump, He never pumped anything. I just shook my head and pulled up to the pump and got my fuel.

I get to the boat ramp and step out of the truck to get my boat ready to put overboard and see my husband pulling back to the ramp. He tells me the water is still too cold, it was 60 degrees, we need over 65. He tells me we have to go further south.

After another 30 minutes of driving, we fished all over and he caught 4 pompano and I caught 1 that weighed 3 pounds. I had to put 25 dollars of fuel in my truck and caught an 18 dollar fish. When it was time to go home, I threw my one fish in his boat, drove home, let the dog out, and just laid back in my recliner and listened to nothing but utter silence. Until my husband came home and started carrying on about how we are going broke. Like I didn't know this!!!!!

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My big catch, lol


That's a lot of work for one fish. Jeepers.

Yes, it is.

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