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This is my post for #freewriters Monday prompt mosque hosted by @mariannewest

We finally weighed our fish from Saturday's fishing, I thought I had 150 pounds but I had 190. My husband had 50 pounds. He said he could not hook them and asked me what I was doing that was different than he was doing. I asked if he was using a circle hook or a regular hook, he said he was using a circle hook and setting the hook. I told him that was the problem, you can't set the hook with a circle hook, you have to let them hook themselves. I said I put a bait on and cast the line out, then I put the rod in the rod holder and do not touch it until it has a fish on it. Today he caught better by doing this.

The wind was not blowing very hard today so we fished in the channel, they would not bite if I cast a line out without a cork. I put a cork on and they would hit as soon as the bait hit the water. I caught 75 pounds out there before the wind picked up. I tried to fish with the wind blowing and missed 6 in a row, I pulled my anchor and went back up the creek.

Up the creek they would not bite with the cork on, I had to take it off. I hooked 3 bull sharks and my husband hooked 4 of them. These are not little sharks, I try to hold the line spool so they do not take all of my line but it burns my hand. I tighten the drag and let them break the line, this way I only lose the leader line.

I think we have more pounds than we had Saturday but I will not know how many until I weigh them in the morning. I think I got the short end of the stick. My husband told me that he will run the pigfish traps if I go weigh the fish up. Weighing them is not that bad, but then I have to scrub the coolers and fill all of them with ice.

Sailcats are not just slimy they are covered in slim that is thicker than nose snot when you have a bad cold.

I do not know why but the town I live in does not have a mosque. There are 5 churches of different faiths. The Catholic Church is the biggest. I was not raised going to church, this does not mean that I do not believe. My Dad raised me and he did not go to church but if you asked him to say a verse from the Bible he could tell you what it says without looking. He did a lot of preaching to us kids. My Mother would go to Church every day if there was one open that much. I went with her a few times, she goes to the Holly Roller types, people were talking in tongues, that is what she called it. I had never seen such things, I would say it was interesting.


I was raised in the Lutheran church, which is quite conservative in worship style, often with organ music and always with liturgy. Over the years I've attended many other churches, often depending on what was available where I lived. I've attended churches where there was speaking in tongues, and interpretations of what was said. I always find it very interesting. Some people might find it disturbing if they aren't used to it, but it fascinates me.

yes, I also found it interesting, I did not know what was being said but the person that was saying it left me emotional.

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