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This is my post for #freewriters Friday prompt pigeon-hole hosted by @mariannewest

We weighed our sailcats this morning and had 227 pounds. It feels really good to be making money again. But I do not know why things have to work out this way, I have sat around for months making nothing and as soon as I start making money where I need to fish and can not take the days off, I have a grandson who will turn 5 tomorrow, I will miss his birthday party, My daughter's birthday is also tomorrow. Monday is my mother's birthday and Tuesday is my granddaughter's birthday. Also, Sunday is Mother's Day and my girls always take me to breakfast. I know me going means the world to them but I do not know how long they will buy sailcats and can not afford to miss a day's fishing. It makes my heart hurt.

My husband was putting his bait away and heard a noise under the clam upwellers on the dock, when he looked under it he saw pigeons, one was on a nest. I told him a couple of years ago I was under the dock waiting out a thunderstorm and I saw a pigeon-hole with two pigeons in it. I wondered if they are the same pigeons.



It's like the old adage "make hay while the sun shines," right? Sorry you have to miss out on so many special events, but I sure understand the need to make money while you can.

Make hay while the sun shines, I love this saying. Happy Mother's Day

Sometimes, life requires hard choices... your family loves you enough to understand, and, Happy Mother's Day through it all...

It seems to work out this way, I can be home for weeks and nothing to do but as soon as fish show up that I can catch, someone will want me to do something with them. I hope you also have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Can be they are the same pigeons or their children. I had a best here. The two young ones stayed believe on died and the others have nests here. I am sure these are the same and... They are watching me.

I was wondering if they were the same ones, Happy Mothers Day.

Happy mother's day to you too. Mine was filled with laundry, dishes and buttercake. 🙂

I hope your girls did the laundry, dishes and made the buttercake for you.

I am glad you're able to make money and I feel your pain on missing family time. 🤗❤ Happy Mother's Day and I pray you will be able to spend time soon with each

Thank you, Happy Mothers day to you

Thank you ❤