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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt cave paintings hosted by @mariannewest

In my area of Florida, the original people were called Ays Indians, not much is known about them. After the Spanish came here the Indians slowly died off, they believe it was caused by a virus, it could have been something as simple as the common cold, which is a type of coronavirus. They were also captured by the Spanish and sold as slaves. There are no cave paintings from the Ays Indians but there is plenty of pottery to be found, I have bunches of it plus bones from the animals and fish that they ate.

This is one jar of their pottery.

Some of the bones from their meals

Today I sold the sailcats that we caught yesterday to the other fish house.
I do not care for this place but they are the only place to sell them. They do not even have a place to wash the coolers out before getting more ice to put in them. They do not open until 9 o'clock in the morning, geez half the day is gone. I have to hold the fish overnight because they are only open in the morning.

After waiting on them to open, I had to run the pigfish traps to get bait. I did not run all of them because I got 230 and that was enough to fish with. By the time I got to where I wanted to fish, it was 1:30. I fished until 3:40 and caught, I am guessing 55 or 60 pounds. Yesterday I guessed we had 75 pounds and when weighed it came to 79, so that was a good guess.

My husband trout fished today, he caught 4. I think trout have gone the way of the Ays Indians. They are nonexistent, there are not even any little ones. He did catch about 25 pounds of sailcats, which I will sell with mine tomorrow.


I keep learning new things from your posts! Never heard of sailcats before.

They are very slimy but the meat is very white and does not taste fishy.