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This is my post for #freewriters Friday prompt sunflower hosted by @mariannewest

For many years I would grow sunflowers, I have grown ones that were different colors but they are small. I have grown what you would call a regular sunflower and the ones that are giant. All are beautiful but I loved the giant ones. Now I need to find seeds because this post is making me feel like I need to plant them. I used to roast the seeds but since I am all thumbs I think I will just grow them for their beauty and for the animals to have them to eat. This is my favorite sunflower


This has been one hell of a week, Monday, my daughter had surgery on her shoulder, they had to shave some of the bone off. Wednesday my truck went in the river. Thursday I called the clinic to see if they ever received the results of my MRI, they told me they did not have them. Then two hours later they call and say they have them and need to see me today. That sent all kinds of worries through my head.

Today I was just about to go out the door to go see the doctor and the phone rang. It was one of my sisters saying that our mother had another stroke and is back in the hospital. They wanted her to sign a DNR but wanted mine and our other sisters ok to sign it. I told them that Mom had a DNR at that hospital and that was her wish. The nurse asked me if they could not find it was it ok with me if the sister that is there signed one. I said yes.

I went to my appointment and found out that I have a degenerative disc disease, spinal synopsis in all of the discs in my neck and it has caused narrowing that is pushing on a nerve. This is why I have been falling. The doctor told me that I needed to get health insurance. We tried to explain to her that we do not make enough money for the Obama-care ins, and we make too much money for Medicaid insurance. She says that I need surgery but I do not want surgery and I think even if I had insurance I would not do it.

I see my pain management doctor on the 6th and I will see what he thinks. Another thing that is bothering me is when they took my blood pressure it was 169/73. My BP is always low. I think they have something wrong with their machine because the last time it was 155/80 and she took it 3 times.

This morning my husband ran the 36 pigfish traps that are to the north, he got me 223 pigfish so I have bait for tomorrow. I ran the 12 that he put to the south but they only had 27 pigfish in them and most were small. After bringing the pigfish traps home I drove to Donald McDonald park and put my boat back over so I could run the crab traps. I only got 9 crabs. I brought 3 traps home that has gotten too dirty.

Tomorrow starts a new month, it will be better than this one has been. I know better than to say "it can't get any worse" because as soon as you say it, it will get worse. I will say, here, here, to the new month.


Wow, that sure was a week full of rough stuff! Surgery is never fun, but sometimes it helps. If only we could be sure in advance that it would help! I understand your reluctance to go for it. And the insurance problem is sure a dilemma. I bet there are lots of folks out there in the same situation, but nobody in government does anything about it.

Yes, I bet there are, too. we are the ones who fell through the cracks, when it comes to insurance.