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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt peanut butter on your eyelashes hosted by @mariannewest

Did you know that peanut butter will take gum out of a child's hair? It works great, turning the gum into nothing. Then just wash the peanut butter out. I have used this trick on my kid's hair more than once. So now after seeing this prompt I am wondering if I know anyone who wears false eyelashes but I can not think of anyone. So sometime in the future, I could tell them to put peanut butter on your eyelashes and see if it will dissolve the glue like it does gum. It just might work.

Today started like any other day but did not end like any other day. I ran the crab traps then caught crab trap bait for the next time I run them. I came back to the boat ramp, backed my truck down the ramp. I put it in park and pushed the emergency brake. It went all the way to the floor and I thought that was odd. I got in my boat and ran it onto the trailer, that is when things went bad, very very bad.

My truck jumped out of gear and started rolling backward, I jumped out of the boat, landing in who-ha deep water, ran to the truck opened the door which knocked me down, I get up and it runs over me again. By this time the water is over the floor and not far from my engine being underwater. I told myself I had one more try to get in the truck. I had my hands on the steering wheel but my legs are under the door. I pulled with every ounce of energy that I had left in me and got myself pulled up to the seat. I got it in drive just in time before the engine went under I pulled it over to the parking space so I could calm down.

By this time my boat had drifted away but luckily there was another boat waiting to pull out and they retrieved my boat for me. They were amazed that I got the truck stopped. So was I.

My gear shift has been sloppy, it has been hard to get it into the right gear. My husband says what must have happened was when I ran the boat onto the trailer and it hit the stop, he says that bump must have been just enough to knock it into reverse. Also, my emergency brake should not have gone to the floor. I tried it when he told me that and now it only goes halfway.

We hosed off everything that went underwater with freshwater. But my brakes, transmission, brake lines, gas tank, brake lights, and all the wiring will start to rust from the saltwater. He says I might get 6 months before I start having trouble with everything.

I took the shop vac and sucked up what water I could from the carpet and now I am leaving two fans run all night to try to get it dry enough that it won't mold. What a day!!!!


And for the good news, my husband has found good bait, he has enough to trout fish May first. I was supposed to come home and get my boat ready for trout fishing but that did not happen.


Oh my goodness! That sounds like it could have been a very dangerous situation, and I'm glad you were able to stop the truck in time. I hope you can get it rinsed off really well and get the salt water off. Would a car wash do any good? Or is it all the stuff under the hood that is the concern?

All of the wiring going to my brake lights and the brake lines is a worry, also the wheel bearings and brakes. We each had a water hose and sprayed everything from two angles but it will be something that only time will tell. It was very scary when I was trying to get in it and with it in reverse and knocking me down. When the water started coming in the cab, I knew I had one last chance before the engine went under and I swear I do not know where I got the strength from. I had one hand on the steering wheel, my legs were under the door and I pulled myself onto the seat. All I can say is Thank you, God.