Five minute freewrite by @myjob

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This is my post for #freewriters Monday promptless?? hosted @mariannewest

My husband was awake very early, which made me wake very early. He took 40 pigfish traps and trailered his boat south to see if he could catch pigfish for the opening of trout on May 1st.
Since I was up, I started the burn barrel and got all the brush burnt. Then I drove to the dump to get rid of all the brush from my daughter's house. I was going to burn it but the wind had already started to blow.

After unloading the brush I grabbed the broom out of my truck and was sweeping up all the small pieces on the ground. The attendant came over and thanked me for cleaning up after myself. I told him the last few times that I have been there, the broom was gone so I put one in my truck. He said they can no longer keep a broom out there for us to use because people take them. How damn low do you have to be to steal the broom from the dump?

I spent the rest of the day pulling wedelia, never plant this in your yard. It is a ground cover that gets pretty yellow flowers. When we first moved here, I loved it but now it has taken over, it will even climb. I pulled it up in an area of 4 by 20 feet, it took me 5 hours to pull that much.

My husband came home and said he ran the traps twice and only caught 37 bait. It is not looking good for trout season. The wind is going to blow until Friday. When it lays down I might take traps and put them out here, maybe there will be bait.