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This is my post for #freewriters weekend hosted by @mariannewest

bird's nest
green smoothie
tell a joke
up first

I woke early this morning, wanting to run my crab traps before someone else did it for me.
I was too late. I only had 2 crabs in them. I am not going to tell a joke because I am so pissed that I might have tremors. I think if I could catch them I would tell the owner of the boat that he was up first and I would build a birds nest out of needles laced with arsenic or some other deadly drug and tell him to sit on it.

After running and rebaiting the empty crab traps I went to the north prong to catch more bait for the crab traps. While fishing for catfish a boat goes by me and I could hear the driver say, see that GUY with the waders on, He has a net out somewhere, that is what they wear when picking up a net. (Nets were banned in 1995.) Then he says HE is catching trout, I know how to catch trout, I have been watching those guys on U-Tube. I had a good laugh. Yep, he knows what he is talking about, NOT!! lol.

I caught enough catfish to add some to the traps and had enough left for 2 more runs. It took me longer to break all the fins off and cut them up than it did to catch them. I would have caught more but I was afraid I would not have room in the freezer to keep them all.

I went back to the south prong and added bait to the traps, I already had 2 more crabs in them, so that was nice. I picked up the last one to rebait and I do not know how this happened but it was hit by a prop. I had it in deep enough water so the only way someone hit it was if they tried to run it and got it in their prop. I brought it home so I can fix the holes in it. Geez, people give me a break.


I have fallen 'way behind in my Hive reading, so have missed a bunch of your posts. Sorry to hear you have had such problems. People can be so annoying!

Thank you, they do not understand or don't care that they are messing with someone's livelihood.


thank you

that was really a chore and a very uncomfortable situation, I understand the discomfort completely.

thank you