Day 976: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: allergies

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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt allergies hosted by @mariannewest

My husband's sister suffers from allergies each year, spring is a living hell for her. We have been lucky to never have allergies. But a few years ago my husband was stung by a wasp, he was not worried because this was not the first time one has stung him. This time he said he was itchy, I told him he was having an allergic reaction but he did not believe me. That soon changed when he said his throat felt like it was closing up. I knew he needed Benadryl but we did not have any. He felt like he needed to go to the hospital. We were in the truck when he called one of our daughters, the nurse. She said to go straight to Walgreens and get Benadryl, which we did. He did not read the dosage and drank 3 times as much as he should have. I think he got drunk from it but the itching went away and his throat opened back up.

We did not catch much today, I only had 2 trout and my husband caught 9.

I was fishing a sandbar when I heard a boat pretty close to me. when I turned it was a sport asking me if I caught anything. If I was catching he would have screwed my catch up. I try my best to be as quiet as possible when I pull in to fish an area I shut the motor off then row to where I want to fish and this "Richard" pulls right up to me. If you want to know what Richard means think of what is short for Richard.


Ha ha! Clever way of saying that without actually saying that.
Benadryl sure is powerful stuff.

My granddaughter taught me that saying. sorry, it took so long to reply, I took a break from writing.

That's okay. I take breaks sometimes, too!

Lol. You should pay attention to the dosage.

Yes, I agree but he is the type that does not read directions on anything, he learns the hard way and he did learn not to take so much.

Yeah. I know those types