Day 974: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: who cares?

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This is my post for #freewrite Sunday prompt who cares hosted by @mariannewest

I wonder what people would do if you gave them an honest reply when they ask how are you doing. I always say I'm good how about you? Just once I wish I could tell them how I really feel. I would say, I am worried that my husband will get covid, I do not know how we are going to pay the bills, the doctor won't fix my husband's hernia because of his AFIB and the river has died. But really who cares? Do people want to hear about it? No, they are just being friendly so I will continue saying I am good.

Today I ran my two crab traps one of them had two stone crabs in it the last time I ran it but no blue crabs, I rebaited it and moved it further offshore leaving the stone crabs in it hoping with them eating the bait would attract blue crabs. Today when I ran it both stone crabs were gone, someone ran it. The other trap I had to the south about a mile and it did have one crab in it.

Then I ran my pigfish traps but only got 120 pigfish. Since I was that far south I decided to see if there were any trout on the little round islands so I fished three of the five and only caught two trout and three jacks. Luckily a thunderstorm was building so I ran back to the dock where I hide my bait pen and I had just enough time to put the bait away, feed them and get my boat pulled out before the storm it. That was a good thing.


I do want to know how you are doing - but yes, it is a silly phrase. We should just say hello.

thank you and I agree but I know I will reply back, I'm fine, how about you and I am a quilty as they are. lol

I was in high school (1970s) when I first encountered the "How are you?" phrase attached meaninglessly to "Hi!" I soon learned most people don't really want an honest answer to that question. Now, depending on the circumstances, I will come up with a quip like, "Fat and sassy!" or "Older and wiser!" or "Fair to middlin'." There are some people who want the truth, and I will tell them, and it's often NOT "fine."

I hear you, I feel the words come out but just like you said, they really do not want to know.