Day 971: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: remote control

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This is my post for #freewrite Thursday prompt remote control hosted by @mariannewest

It has been hard for me to get in the mood to do any writing. Not only have I been working my butt off but I am also fighting with depression. We are seeing the end of the trout in our river. We knew this day would come but how do you prepare yourself for such a blow.

When the seagrass died we wondered how it would affect the trout since it is what they use to hide from predators and for their young to grow up in. Now we know how it affected them.

I tried to fish the islands north of the creek. My first bait on Cat Island I hooked a bull shark, I went to Miners Island on the south side and the first bait I threw I hooked a bull shark. I moved to the north side and the second bait I hooked a bull shark. The next island is Summit Island and yes I hooked a bull shark. each time I hook a shark I lose all my tackle. I did not try any other islands.

With this many bull sharks in the river and no seagrass for trout to hide in makes it clear to what is happening to them. I wish there was a way to hold the State accountable for what they have done to the river.

Yesterday I caught 6 trout that weighed 15 pounds and threw back 3 that was too big, as I threw them back I wondered if they would be the next meal for a bull shark.

My husband trailered his boat north 30 miles and caught 3 pounds of trout.

Thank God, they are calling for thunderstorms this morning so we did not go. I will sit here with the remote control in my hand, flipping through all the channels over and over because there is nothing on tv that I care to watch. I wonder why do I pay for all of these channels?


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