Areca palms

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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt delivery hosted by @mariannewest

We sold 5 acrea palms today. That was a very nice surprise. The person who bought them could not believe how tall they were for the price we charge. She told us that one of the big box stores has them in 3-gallon pots and not even half the size of ours for 39.95. Ours are six feet in planted height and are in 7-gallon pots we charge 20.00 each.

We have not been advertising because since our unlovely neighbor closed off the good road coming to our house, we are afraid if someone drives a nice vehicle down the little road we made and their car gets scratched they will get upset, which we do not blame them. This is the road they blocked, the County says as far as they are concerned it is our right-a-way but we have to take them to court which means we would need to hire a lawyer.


I think what we will need to do is charge a small delivery fee and take the plants to the people.


A delivery scheme might be a good way to spend time if fishing is still bad.

we had a nursery in the next town that was selling them for us but now he has gone out of business. They do help when fishing is bad but, we now need to figure out a way to sell them.

The delivery fee would come in an handy. You do have a lot palms to sell.

yes, we have about 300 of them all in different sizes.

Wow! They're getting a deal for the price. I think a delivery fee would definitely work and a disclaimer on the road mouth or when you get an order.

yes, we need to figure things out on how to sell them. There was a nursery selling them for us but he went out of business.

It sounds like even if you charge a $20 delivery fee, the customer gets their plants for half price. I would definitely want the larger plant, and delivered to my door?! Will you deliver to New York?

I thought all New Yorkers lived in Florida, lol. I went to NYC with my daughter a few years ago, she drove, it was a great trip but I could never drive in the city as she did, it was madness.

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