5-minute Freewrite by @myjob


This is my post for #freewriters Friday prompt tiny bird hosted by @mariannewest

The fish houses on the river all had pigeons that lived in them. Now there are no more fish houses on the river and they are making their nests on docks. One nest is next to the clam upwellers on the dock that we keep our bait under. Upwellers are where the clam farmers grow the little seed clams before they are big enough to go in the river.

The pigeon that has her nest had 3 eggs that hatched, two of her babies grew to normal size, the third one is a tiny bird and the other two pick on the little guy. It makes me want to bop them on the head.

I do not know if it is the same pigeon or if another one has taken over her nest, but now there are 5 eggs in it.

IMG_20210713_093306_1 (1).jpg

Today my husband had to run the pigfish traps, by the time he got up the creek, I had already caught a cooler full of sailcats. He anchored and was catching too. Later he came by me and said "I am sitting there, under my umbrella catching fish and thinking life is good. Mother Nature says nope, you are not going to be comfortable, this big gust of wind came out of nowhere, blew my umbrella straight up in the air, like Mary Poppins and it lands in the river." He says I got it back but it is broken. I silently thought he was overreacting.

Later when I finished fishing and put my bait away. I had to pick up our crab traps. People will steal the crabs if we leave them in the water over the weekend. I am headed towards the traps and I am thinking that I had a good day, I have 140 pounds of sailcats and my vision stayed good all day. I pull up to the first trap and as I slowed down, my motor died. I cranked on it until my battery died, I tried to pull start it but it refused to start. I got out my oars and started rowing, As I am rowing I am thinking my husband is right, I was not going to have a good day.

I rowed about a half of a mile when I saw my husband coming, so I waited on him. I gave him my bowline and he towed me to the ramp. I thought that after weighing the fish up in the morning that I would have a day off, but now we have to work on my motor. It is neverending.


One good thing happened today, our daughter's fever broke, thank you all for the prayers, praise God.