Zapfic Writing Contest Week 132: Morning

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Congratulations to the winners of week 131:
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Greetings Hivers,

Once again I participate in Zapfic's contest: The fun #MicroFiction #Writing Contest!

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Zapfic Prompt: Morning


She smiled thinking that in the morning when she woke up she would meet him again, after so many months longing for that moment, that day she remembered what she never imagined: a pandemic would test her loyalty and love.


Sonreía de solo pensar que en la mañana al despertar se encontraría con él nuevamente, después de tantos meses anhelando ese momento, aquél día recordó lo que jamás se imaginó: una pandemia pondría a prueba su lealtad y su amor.


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Thanks dear for the compliment

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Congrats to all winners, by the way, is this contest open for everyone?

Yes! it is a weekly contest open to the entire Hivers Community