Let's talk about "LOVE"

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Sometimes, I sit and ponder on the concept behind two persons falling in love. I mean to say, how do you just see someone and then become emotionally attracted and attached such that the person consumes and gills your thoughts? What causes this to happen?

Actually, I am yet to unlock that mystery but what I do know is that the feeling of love is one of a kind. Loving and being loved is sweet and everyone irrespective of colour,race, status deserves to have this feeling. If you do not believe in love, then you have to change your mindset.

It is necessary that you break every defence and open your heart towards loving and being loved. A very important thing to note is that to be able to love someone truly, you have to first love yourself.

Talking about love in the context of the Bible, love is a person and that person is Jesus Christ. If you do not first love this being, there is no way you can love someone unconditionally and truly. Love outside Christ has a selfish nature.

This then explains the kind of love we see and hear of in the world today. People tend to love conditionally and for a reason or purpose. The moment these conditions are no longer there, could be money, beauty, character, the love ends. Sad right?

Love should be unconditional meaning you should not have a reason for loving someone. I put it to you that if you have a reason for loving someone then what you're feeling for that person is not love, it's just.

Why do you find it difficult to forgive someone you claim you love? Why do you find pleasure in hurting someone you claim you love? Why the many divorces and broken homes / relationships? Why can't you overlook a person's weaknesses and flaws?
This is because you have no love for that person. Jesus Christ did not have any reason for loving man yet, he did to the dying on the cross. This is love, that was love. Learn to love for no reason; love unconditionally and truly. With this kind of love, the world will certainly become a better place.


Thank you


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Okay, good points.

Why is it that most Nigerian ladies of this 21st century attach love with money? They find love where there is money.

If you don't have money, if you are a broke guy or if you don't give them money, then there's no love for you from her.

What do you have to say about that?

And why do they always attach the responsibilities of their parents to the guys who they see as their boyfriends? The problem here is that they deem it mandatory.
Is it that they were not brought up well or what?

Well, that's ladies for you.🤷
Ladies feel their boyfriends should take care of them for some reason whatsoever 🤷. Though there are few ladies out there who are the exact opposite of them, they work hard and hustle so they can take care of themselves.

Oh, I see. All right then.
Thanks for the feedback.