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RE: Let's talk about "LOVE"

in Freewriters3 months ago

Okay, good points.

Why is it that most Nigerian ladies of this 21st century attach love with money? They find love where there is money.

If you don't have money, if you are a broke guy or if you don't give them money, then there's no love for you from her.

What do you have to say about that?

And why do they always attach the responsibilities of their parents to the guys who they see as their boyfriends? The problem here is that they deem it mandatory.
Is it that they were not brought up well or what?


Well, that's ladies for you.🤷
Ladies feel their boyfriends should take care of them for some reason whatsoever 🤷. Though there are few ladies out there who are the exact opposite of them, they work hard and hustle so they can take care of themselves.

Oh, I see. All right then.
Thanks for the feedback.