Day 1000: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Check the @freewritehouse for the contest!

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Day 1000 is HERE!

Are you ready for the funnest contest held at the Freewrite House?

Are you still here?

Go! Check it out!!


Gif by made with a bee he needlefelted

If you don't want to participate in the contest, just do your normal freewrite - or do both :)

Prompt: Ten Years of Darkness

* inspired by @improbableliason
  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start writing
  • Use the hashtag #freewrite
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)

Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post.

  • Or, if you don't want to publish your freewrite, just copy and paste as a comment under the prompt post.

@sydroc started to use the prompt as an inspiration for a drawing. You all are invited to do the same.

Since our Freewrite community is growing, we decided to revive our Freewrite Discord for Freewriters to hang out, talk to each other, and have some fun. I am offering the Freewrite Prompt on several platforms - not everyone is going to be on Hive.
Here is your invite

I have a favor to ask. If you are on YouTube, can you please subscribe to my Sustainable Living Podcast channel. I am not asking you to watch, just to subscribe. I want to be able to do live Yoga classes and need more subscribers before I can access that function.

Freewrite in Spanish: Check @latino.romano

The Freewrite House is Open for Business on Hive @freewritehouse

Contest by Friends of the Freewriters

Writing help

  • A free app: Grammarly. A lot of us are not native English speakers and I am finding it a helpful app. It will underline spelling and grammar mistakes. Just remember that is is not always right -especially if you use complex sentence structures. Here is the link

  • Remember The Most Dangerous Writing App. You set the time - 5 min - and start typing. Don’t stop!!! It will destroy what you wrote if you stop for more than 3 seconds - and backspace does not count as writing on the app. If you are prone to stop and think - this app forces you to keep going. You can make corrections after the 5 minutes are over.

  • A timer. Egg timer is a free tool you can use on your desktop to set a time. This is useful for our freewrites or if you want to work in blocks of time and then take a break. Here is the link

  • I found this app through @emwalker. Use it regularly and it will help you type faster and more accurately. [10 fast fingers](

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This is true inspiration for many people.

1000 Days that’s almost 3 years!

Appreciate your continuous efforts towards building a thriving Freewrite community.

Thank you so much, Nathan. It has been a long time! That is for sure lol

You deserve my appreciation dear.

Yes it's been a long time and I'm so sorry disappeared for months to fix myself. I should have explained to our Seven77 family why I took a break.

Hope you're doing really well and let's talk soon via Twitter when you get a chance.

keep up the good work and I'm so proud of you :)

Thank you, Nathan.
We all need to take care of our life ever so often. That comes always first!
Hope that you and yours are doing great! You have put so much energy into Steem. Thank you for all you have done and all you are doing!

The new Feathered Friends Comment Contest thanks for the mention! 😘

Thank you - I will update.
And please mention the contest to your community :) It should be fun...

Thank you! I reblogged and have sent a couple people who have mentioned wanting to learn to do more writing your way!

Thank you. But for this contest, we need photographers and artists of all kinds :)

It will be fun to see the entries! I will help spread the word and will try to find time to enter.

WHOO HOO! Awesome prompt to mark the occasion! Will check out the contest shortly, have subbed & hit the bell on your YT channel, and to help spread the word...

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Thank you so much!!

Amazing work @mariannewest, Congratulations 🎊🥂🎉

Love you 💞

Thank you, Uncle Bruni. Love you right back :)

❤️ Felicidades amiga estoy muy contenta de estar con ustedes en este dìa tan especial-...

Thank you!!

👉 Congratulations @mariannewest for your first 1K ads in #Freewrite, for me Freewrite marks a before and after, I congratulate you for being an empowered and enterprising woman, I thank you for the support and example you give to all freewriters, God bless you, hugs from 🇻🇪

Congratulations on your first 1K mariannewest.png

Thank you so much!! You are an inspiration as well!

On it

Congratulations on doing this 1,000 days! Only the strongest have survived on Hive -- and you're ALSO among the KINDEST and MOST COURAGEOUS.

I'm going to do the regular freewrite today, and there is a lot going on in the next two weeks, but I will see if I can find a collaborator in the next two weeks.

I would love to see your work with a collaborator!!
And btw. if you have one that is not on Hive yet - we can create accounts :)

The Sun will always shine on us, maybe
Holiday of the Sun (Freewrite 1000)

At the milestone of #freewrite by 1000th promote, this is my small foot step to you journey. this is my entry..

Congratulations to @mariannewest for their first 1ooo day announcements on #Freewrite.

Thank you so much!

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Yeah! I will participate! Starting to think about what...😉🤔

sounds great!! You can always come to the discord and look for a partner...

Yeah! ... already done...😅
But thanks for the suggestion!😉

Hello! Congratulations @mariannewest what a joy
my post ready from early on but I couldn't put it up
so close to the other previous post (laughs) to continue celebrating
team #freewriters are all beautiful Three years is easy,
waiting for your proposals, your ideas from all over this world
so beautiful. We will not toast with chamomile only with wine_.

¡Hola! Felicitaciones @mariannewest que alegría
mi post listo desde temprano pero no podía colocarlo
tan cerca del otro post anterior (risas) a seguir celebrando
equipo #freewriters todos son bellos. 3 años se dice fácil,
en espera de sus propuestas, sus ideas de todo este mundo
tan hermoso. No brindaremos con manzanilla solo con vino

thank you so much!
yes! No chamomile tea lol

So exciting about 1000 prompts! Here is mine for today, but I'm hoping to collaborate with my son for the contest!

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Hey People!!!
Happy 1000 to you!!! 🥳🥳🥳

This is my entry for the Freewrite prompt.

Thank you! And happy blogging on Hive to you :)

Thank you so much for the delegation!! that is so sweet of you!

It was long overdue. Just started with delegations recently and was thinking, "shouldn't I be delegating to those who actually helped me most when I started out?"

So the delegation to you was already pending, this just happened to be the perfect occasion 😀 .

A ❤️ felt Thank YOU!!!

I am so glad that you are joining us! Make sure to check out @freewrite house and participate in the contest!

Estupendo a seguir celebrando esos 1000 días de compromiso.
Congratulations @mariannewest Freewrite 1000 !!

Respected Marianne West Madam,

Link for today's Freewrite:

This is marvy innovation. For quite a long time, I was unable to write and left steemit with my confidence gone to the rock bottom.

Mr. Nathanmars gave me a new lease of life by redirecting me into this sweet beeHIVE.

Am really fortunate to take part in this 1000th day of this wonderful freewrite. I would like to thank Ms. Marianne West along with many of whom have benefitted because of this freewrite, from the bottom of my

1000 days is a large number, expressing almost three years of daily work,
of constancy, of being there. It is a great achievement.
Congratulations @mariannewest
The celebration of 1000 days is necessary and you are doing it in a very beautiful way.
More congratulations.

1000 días es un gran número, que expresa casi tres años de trabajo diario,
de constancia, de estar ahí. Es un gran logro.
Felicitaciones @mariannewest
La celebración de los 1000 días es necesaria y lo estás haciendo de una manera muy bonita.
Mas felicitaciones.

1000 días es un gran número, que expresa casi tres años de trabajo diario,
de constancia, de estar ahí. Es un gran logro.
Felicitaciones @mariannewest
La celebración de los 1000 días es necesaria y lo estás haciendo de una manera muy bonita.
Mas felicitaciones.