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"Sit" the elder said. Ivar walked slowly toward an old but sturdy looking bench. The tent was dark and cold. Ivar was ready or he thought he was. But the moment he sat on the bench, he wasn't sure.

He looked around and saw a wooden stand by the bench with a wooden blue bowl. The elder was walking around the tent, looking for things, preparing. Ivar could hear wooden and metal sounds but he didn't want to know what they were. Not yet.

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For 2 years, Ivar had been preparing for this day. His father and brother have been guiding him, building him. After witnessing his brother went through this very same ceremony 2 years ago, Ivar had been waiting for his time.

He has never understood the importance of this day but now that he was here. he felt it. It was a proud moment for him and he hoped for his family too. Today would be the day, he became an adult.

As he snapped out of his thoughts, he noticed the elder had sat down beside him and started applying some paste onto his arm. Ivar suddenly noticed the elder's set of tools which included some fine looking needles.

For him to move into adulthood, he had to first man up and endure the pain as the elder began to tattoo his arm.

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