What is the Reason of Insanity?

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It is clear that this man is not insane. He was being vexed by so many evil spirits in him. In what happened that was shown to all people in news in the Philippines, he was even cutting himself and crying out loud! Until he could no longer cope with the incident he had committed and he committed suicide. Meaning, while the evil spirits were in him, they were vexing him. You will understand how much hardship that man was feeling because of the evil spirits.

Even he was chained, he could not be controlled. He felt so many things within him. He felt he wanted to hurt himself. Perhaps he was restless because he had evil spirits. For you to realize how that man felt, you need to know this good example so you can understand how this rapist person feels.

When the evil spirits were ordered to go to the swine, the swine were not able to endure it and drowned themselves in the sea.

You see, even if swine do not have minds of their own, they will not go to the sea. Because they know they will drown there. But perhaps, the swine said, "I rather die than let evil spirits dwell in me." So, the swine drowned themselves.

What does it mean?

That person is not insane, he was just suffering because we can read in other verses in the Bible, "...vexed with unclean spirits:" That's what evil spirits do to people. Evil spirits afflict men. The man was not crazy but he was being vexed.

Devils will not make you insane, they will only make you suffer. Look, not all possessed by devils go insane or are vexed. There are people who are no longer troubled by devils, they are already delighted with them. Why? He and the Devil are already fast friends. That's what happens. Not all men possessed by devils become insane. Some who have devils in them look good but are deceivers, schemers, and thieves.

So, the beliefs of others is not true, that when the person goes crazy, he has devils. There are those who lose their sanity, their mind loses control because it is hereditary. It runs in their family. When they can no longer endure hardships in life, they go out of their minds and become insane. It does not mean that the person has devils in him. They have that in their family. It is Hereditary.

Heart Disease runs in our family. My Grandfather and Grandmother had Heart Disease. I inherited it. I have Heart Disease. My father, auntie, and uncle also have Heart Disease. Heart Disease is a disease that affects the heart or blood vessels. Our family has Heart Disease to many different things. First and foremost, eating oily foods, such as chicken and pork skins, lacks exercise, which is a factor in increasing blood pressure. The same with my uncle and auntie. We have that in our family. For example, itis in your genes, it is hereditary, does it mean that one has devils if he is insane? Since childhood, he has been unbalanced. It does not mean he has devils.

So, to the question of, so many People go Insane in our Time

Perhaps, some of the people who have gone insane have demons, including drug addicts. They go crazy! With long-time drug abuse, their brains get damaged because the devils have possessed them. They know it is evil but they still take drugs. They know that they will go insane but still, they do it, perhaps it is the devil who insinuated it.

But not all men possessed by devils go insane. There are some who are very much accustomed to it, they like having devils in their bodies.

The favorite dwelling places of devils are kings and leaders of nations. We should realize that. So, it does not necessarily follow the insane people who have devils. No. There are different reasons of insanity. It does not mean that all men possessed by devils go insane. Not all of them. Some who have devils are cunning. They are very crafty in deceiving people!

I hope you understand my explanation...