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RE: A Short Poem of Romance and Tragedy

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This is a very interesting poem and the phase you tried to explain is something that is unbearably to many Lovers especially if they were with someone that they love so much.

Heartbreak happens but the worst is a demise of our lover.

I want to believe that you must have already moved on with your life. You will be reunited with another person


Kinda weird for me because, I wrote this without any experience on relationships. Never had before. But I knew thousands of stories between couples and their struggles from my friends. And somehow, that inspired me to write fictional love stories or scenarios in my poems or blogs or even when I write my own songs. It's just lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. Hope it would give some lessons and feelings to other people reading or listening it. 😌

It is. It really is. I think the guy in my poem metaphorically is just wanting to let his lover go along with the memories they created both in that house. I think death there was forgiveness or just letting go or something.

Oh yes I already have :) I have already accepted the heartbreak I had with my first love. 😅 And yeah, I hope I would be having my own sun, moon and stars in the future :)

Thanks for that, man.

Hahahahahah... Now, what you did there is a very rare skill that can't be displayed by just anyone because you managed to change the whole theme from a melodramatic sad story to a gag concert and I'm sure that you can already guess that I'm laughing out loud while reading every line of your reply 🤣🤣.

Wow... So, you captured other people's expressions and used it as a preamble to write in a very convincing way that even made me to believe that you are telling us your life story. I would like you to know that I enjoyed reading every part of it and I also enjoyed your comment write up 😋

You are really doing well and I hope to see more of your work on the long run.
Well Done Dear.

My regards to your imaginary sun, moon, star and everyother person

Hahaha yeah. I think whatever you write, whether its a song or poem, sometimes, the story itself is separate from the life of the author. That, if the author wrote about romance, does not mean they experienced it personally for themselves. Thanks for the appreciation man! Glad I made you laugh 😊

It has been my pleasure. I am excited to share more stuff with you people here in this platform. :)

Aww, that's sweet. Thanks man.