AMBITION : 5 Minute Freewrite: Day 1102 (Tueday 10.13.20) - Prompt: tentacle

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Day 1102: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: tentacle


"Just do it!" filtered through the back of the office chair Brent Whalington swirled from side to side gazing out the window as was his preference when annoyed at the snail's pace his orders were executed.

Known as "RW", a ruthless Killer Whale, whose carnivorous achievements from the Arctic to the tropics, lined the dark conference room shelf located on the sub 40th floor, devoured all manner of ocean life and their possessions. Only objectives mattered; methods, at all times suspect.

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"Is the request above your IQ level? came next, just as the group in attendance anticipated.

Mergers and Acquisitions were their forte, but no answer was forthcoming as the four great whites sat opposite each other with eyes rolling in different directions. Callous, each one thought as the half-lowered glances above some of the eye wear confirmed the assessment by all.

"Evidently you misunderstood the significance of the project!" Now a more menacing voice permeated the designer chair and reverberated off the cave walls.

After silently retracting then expanding white dorsal fins, the four rose slowly. In unison, each glided from the room, parted at the elevator banks, and returned to their respective offices. Complete destruction and dismantling were the two items on the menu for lunch.

Back in his office, Michael Sharkless, unlocked his private drawer and removed the memento. Reversing their predatory practices, he and his colleagues were honored to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating their areas as sanctuaries. Now, they were being asked to undermine them.

But at what cost to their ecosystems. Each touched based with the other to discuss divide and conquer tactics. At stake was the 5-year, low-income marine housing project to protect the planktons.

Image by Schoggimousse from Pixabay

Finally given access to the separate files with the list of high-profile predators was the break the four needed to complete their case culminating the last two years' investigations.

The four managers worked diligently for the next two months. They documented each step of the oceanic transactions. With the assistance of his close friend, turned whistleblower, RW's vicious cycle of rapacity through the years was reduced to the 1,000 page marine report they presented to the Underwater NOAA, Marine Mammal Protection.

The takedown was swift as RW was removed from his designer chair, netted, and escorted out his penthouse cave in dorsal cuffs to answer for his crimes.

The vast ecosystems and corals he'd hoped to secure in every sector of the oceans were secure.

For now.


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