Traveling through a book

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I know that the title of this publication seems surrealistic, but it is not, I know that those of us who read can have many things in common, in a way we have a passion for writing, although not always, but what is true that unites us is that desire to always want to know more, to steal various styles of writing, whether classic or very new, and that the mind flies to be in contact with those letters that take us to remote places.

So it is not crazy for me to say that we can travel through books, I must assume that you will agree with me that it happens, it is a reality. I have visited (through readings) so many spaces, that I feel that I have really been there, that I have been able to taste the water, perceive smells and taste foods, just by the fact of compenetrating myself with that reading that I did.

But, can we learn through the experiences of those characters that are recreated in our mind, although it seems absurd, I know that it is probable, this is far from what they say that "nobody learns from other people's mistakes", but these imaginary beings can get so far inside us that we could say that we make them our friends, and that with their actions they give us great lessons.

I don't know if the author may have any real notion of what he is doing, if he is looking for that effect on the readers, but there is a reality, and that is that everything that enters our mind can somehow affect our psychology, I know you might also agree with me on this point. So I am always careful about what I read, what I write and share, because I also know that it could cause some effect on whoever likes to read me.

I would like to keep traveling through as many spaces as possible, at least our imagination is not easily limited by others, as long as we ourselves have the willingness to make it fly, it will respond.





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