We Outburst, therefore We Are | A 5-minute Freewrite

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This is my freewrite in response to Monday's prompt provided by @mariannewest and @freewritehouse. See details here


We are a compilation of outbursts, evolved in the image of earth itself, which in turn came to be from a cosmic outburst.
We explode in laughter and anger with the same unpredictability of our planet. Volumes can be written behind every explosion.
We may bloom in colors and fragrances only to flood and crash what took so long to build.
Mood forecast can be as accurate as weather forecast, but equally ignored.
Are we innately masochistic for loving that which begets outbursts?
We insist on caring for the same planet that gives us earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and draughts with the same expectations we care for those who give us tantrums, insults, and bruises.
Can we claim responsibility for the good as well as the bad?
Can we heal and regulate ourselves like earth does?
We are a compilation of outbursts noone can fully read or understand.


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There is a lot to think about in what you wrote. We are certainly responsible for our own feelings, attitudes and behaviors, but we are not responsible for others' feelings, attitudes and behaviors. Our outbursts, whether happy or sad or angry, are ours alone.

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I agree. Outburst, whether good or bad can be tricky, uncontrolable. That makes some people to easily avoid taking conscious responsibility of the bad ones. We see a lot of lame mea-culpas on the media from celebrities, for instance, every time they have this sort of outburst, which are later dismissed as anything other than intention.

this is really beautiful.