Rise Of The Black Dragon

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Brent twisted around and watched as a skinny body wrapped in a black dirty bed sheet writhed around in the cars back seat like a worm exposed to the sunlight.

From somewhere under the sheet a snarl mixed with snickering and a few outright giggles escaped. "The Black Dragon!" It said rolling its "R's"

Brent turned back around wide eyed, not sure what to make of the spectacle in the rear seat. "Dude what did he take!" He said in his typical nervous tone.

"I don't know! I think he ate some shrooms or something this morning." Steve said as he tried focusing on making his way through the typical mid day traffic and congestion of Sunset Boulevard.

"Tha-that...thats not shrooms man!" Brent said waving his hands in the air neurotically. "I've seen mushrooms. That's like bath salts or something."

Steve shrugged and turned onto the 101 freeway heading towards the valley. "It could be PCP for all I know. We gotta get him to the guy who sold him the stuff."

"Do people even do PCP anymore? Aren't they more violent? " Brent questioned.

"Dude Brent! I don't fucking know man! I found him perched on top of the kitchen counter hissing at my roommate this morning and wearing that damned bed sheet." Steve threw his hand up in frustration and then quickly re grabbed the wheel before the car could drift into another lane.

"What!" Brent said craning his neck to keep an eye on the writhing mass of sheets behind him.

"Yeah man it took me almost an hour to catch him. He was throwing dishes at the wall talking about witchcraft. He's naked under there you know!" Steve punched his horn at a truck that cut him off. "Why are people such bad drivers around here!" He hated the Cahuenga pass. It was always a total cluster fuck.

"Hey! Hey! Stop that!" Brent chastised the creature in the back seat and snatched a lighter out of a lone hand that crept mischievously out from under the bedsheet and attempted to light the seatbelt on fire.

"Fucking Eric!" Brent said and tossed the lighter onto the dashboard ignoring the mutterings of 'dragons fire' coming from behind him. "Wait, he was naked? "

"Is naked. I discovered that when he ditched the sheets while I was chasing him in the front yard." Steve said accelerating into the fast lane to get away from the rest of the crazy drivers.

"The front yard." Brent pondered. The car went quiet for a few seconds as he envisioned the scene in his head. "Anyone see him?" He said as an afterthought.

"Fuck! I don't know man. I think Mrs. Schroeder saw him. She was taking out the trash." Steve barked.

"What the lawyer! Are you kidding! This is not good! Not good." Brent said and cracked open a beer in between his legs and took a long gulp.

"Hey man not in here!" Steve glared at him.

"I'm sorry! But I'm stressed out and my doctor said I needed to mitigate my anxiety. I'm freaked out man!" Brent wailed.

"Well keep it down! Below the windows!" Steve bit back.

The giggling got worse in the back seat and then was cut off by a soft thump causing Brent to twist back around to see what Eric was up to now.

"Hey man he just pulled the seat down to get to the trunk. He can't do anything in there can he?" Brent said as he watched wide eyed at the snickering tangled mass of sheets wiggling its way into the trunk.

"Yes...the Black Dragon." A muffled voice echoed from inside the trunk now followed by maniacal cackling.

"I don't think so man. I mean, he's in the trunk. He can't do anything in there." Steve said dismissively. "At least nobody can see him now."

Brent nodded. "So where are we taking him?"

"Panorama City. Rajulio gave him this shit whatever it is. He'll know what to do." Steve said reassuring Brent.


And just like that the cars trunk flew open and the Black Dragon popped up like a jack in the box, a goulish look on his face.

"I AM THE BLACK DRAGON!" He screamed at the cars behind him on the freeway.

"Holy shit!" Steve exclaimed in shock as he fought to keep control of the wheel and stop the car from swerving.

"What the hell! Pull over!" Brent squealed.

The soccer mom in the SUV behind them stared in horror at the naked man flailing his arms from the open car trunk in front of her and frantically laid on her horn.

"The Black Dragon scorns you!" The birthday suit bandit shreiked pointing at the SUV and then threw a random tennis shoe at the vehicle. It bounced harmlessly off its hood but the lady slammed on her breaks causing several cars behind her to do the same.

"We gotta get the fuck out of here!" Steve cried as the car juked sharply towards the nearest off ramp cutting off every car on its way there and pulled over quickly onto the off ramp. "Hey! Quick get him he's trying to get away!"

Brent scurried out of the car and chased after Eric. "You get back here!" After a short chase he managed to catch him by the arm and tossed the loose blanket back over him before forcing him into the back seat again.

Luckily Rajulios house was just two more blocks further and they made it the rest of the way without a scene. But they were in hotter water now than before. This was the worst part of Panorama City.

Brent cowered slightly in his seat as Steve slowly maneuvered the car down a run down cul de sac and avoided the clustered knots of gang members that were milling about in the road. A few glared and made crude gestures and followed them as them as they pulled into Rajulio's driveway.

"Ok Eric we're going to get you some help." Brent said trying to usher the bed sheet maniac to the house's front door. A pitbull in the neighbors yard growled at them menacingly until the "Dragon" snarled back causing the pooch to run off whimpering.

"The Black Dragon!" Eric laughed and raised his arms up in the air threateningly and attempted to chase after the dog. The sheet rose up exposing Erics underthings.

"What the fuck!" Someone shouted behind them in disbelief.

"Whoa!!" Steve grabbed one of the bed sheets and pulled Eric back towards the door. The crowd circled around them in the driveway with unapproving stares.

"What the fuck is going on out there! I'm trying to watch my scooby doo! I hate it when people fuck with my morning cartoons. " An angry voice growled as it marched through the house and up to the door.

Brent gulped as the several latches and locks were undone and then the door peeled open.

Rajulio shot them both death stares and then focused on the bedsheet mummy in between them. "What the fuck do you want you idiots! I told you fools never to come here!"

Behind them some of the gang members cracked their knuckles. A few racked their pistols and some random guy produced a bat.

Kinda sorta based on a true story.

This is my entry to the we-write challenge for this week hosted by @mariannewest and @ntowl in the Freewriters Community. The prompt is "Black Dragon" and the post featuring this challenge can be found here;


My writing partner for part two is @improv. Hopefully he can use some of his Los Angeles knowledge and or experiences to finish off the story.
He's a pretty talented and funny guy so I'm looking forward to what he comes up with.


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Thank you for sharing 😍😊👍

Sunita us wondering what did i just read. This Dave guy is crazy🤪

Ether. I bet it was ether. Cause it felt like a story right out of Fear & Loathing. 😁

Great writing style!

I loved fear and loathing. I read the book in college. There were so many funny scenes that the movie had cut out.

Thanks for the compliment! Never been compared to hunter Thompson before.

Thank you @mrnightmare89

welcome, I'm going to read it later carefully so I reblogged it. hehehe

All good. Hope you enjoy it. Its a bit crass

It's good dave, the story was intense and I could feel the action. Also, you wrote it well and well explained.

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That's one wacky, but funny, adventure. 😂 AND it's based on a true story..

Definitely can't disturb someone's morning cartoons tho, that's dangerous stuff, and I can confirm it.

Yeah instead of the black dragon this guy was named Chunk like the character from the movie goonies.

Glad you liked my story and thanks for taking the time in reading it!

You've got a good writing style. Didn't even notice the time it took to read.

Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed reading my short story. 😃