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RE: An Uphill Battle (that will be won) -- not quite a five-minute #freewrite

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I fully support you on this endeavor. The elliptical is great because you can stay in your home and do it while watching tv rain or shine and keep an eye on the little one. I think your life will radically change once you get to your goal. Always keep positive and envision where youd like to be. You'll get there. I too have jumped back onto the weight lifting and excercise schedule. Downside is soreness. Upside is great sleep. You look fantastic btw.

I like the confidence you're showing.



Thanks. I like to think there's a difference already from my change in eating and so-far light exercise! What I'm finding most difficult is actually eating. You know what I'm like. Caffeine in the morning, nothing all day, dinner. Usually.

Came up with a diet plan that incorporated much more protein and a maximum of around 1300 calories, and it still looks like SO MUCH FOOD. I don't know how people eat all day.

Wishing you luck also! You can do it too!! 🙃

Yeah i do basically all protein and fiber. The key is to keep your insulin response low. I was loosing a kilo a week back in june when i was strict with it. Good thing is protein really fills you up and stops the production of hormones that tell your body "im hungry" even though you just ate a bag of chips and three migoreng sachets. (Speaking of my old eating habits)

Also get good sleep that cuts down cortisol and boosts serotonin. Also stress goes down and so does anxiety. Good all around.