Massive Security Damage

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The elevator came to a stop and pinged. Colonel Dravis shifted uncomfortably from side to side. He hated coming to this place.

"Sub level 43. Scanning biometrics." A robotic female voice eminated from somewhere in the ceiling.

Ignoring the computer all together the colonel looked around absently eventually focusing on a bulletin posted along the wall that admonished those who dont take security tightly.

"Security clearance accepted. Access granted" The voice said cheerfully after a pregnant pause and slid the door open.

In the hallway before him, he was greeted by two senior scientists smocked in their dirty white lab coats. Neither looked like they had slept or showered in days.

Dravis grimaced.

Great nerds. Couldn't they have a marine escort me instead?

Dravis never really liked the scientists here at the facility. They were generally unkempt and they all invariably smelled.

"Colonel Dravis! We've been working on the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities language matrix all night and we think we've had a break through." The scientist exclaimed getting a bit to close for the colonels comfort.

He waved them away, happy to put some distance between him and their coffee and garlic bagle breath. "Where is the general? Take me to him." He gave an irritated bark.

"Right this way sir hes in the observation room." Another scientist quipped in. Luckily she smelled slightly less worse. The colonel forced a smile and followed them down a stark white hall lined with pipes and electrical conduit. Somewhere he could hear machinery humming. He knew it was coming from the egg heads labs and was grateful to be heading in the opposite direction. Last thing he needed was more dweebs at the moment. The two next to him were more than enough.

At the end of the hall a soldier snapped to attention and then opened a sealed door for him. He gave a nod back to the guard and entered. Along the far wall of the dimly lit chamber the general stood with his back to him and faced a large two way mirror.

"Ah, Colonel! The EBE has made a deal with us. If we free it and allow its kind access to our planets resources it will exchange with us advanced weapons and technology." The general beamed.

Dravis looked past the general into the holding cell and spied a gangly grotesque creature stalking around the room. Its fingers ended in long claw like talons and its tongue hung out dribbling green slime onto the floor.

It's attention turned to a small fold out table with a plastic doll of a baby laying on it and the creatures bulbus eyes widened as it lurched for the doll and snatched it up into its gnarled hands.

"BAY-BE!!" It called with a gravelly voice glaring at its prize and curling its lips. Dagger like teeth revealed themselves momentary before it gulped down the entire doll in one bite.

"YESTH!! BAY-BE! BAY-BE GOOD! MORE BAY-BE!" It cackled afterwards licking its chops.

"Think of it Dravis! Advanced weapons and technology!" The general patted him on the shoulder.

The colonel furrowed his brows revulsed at the spectacle and watched as the thing flung its arms in the arm and gave a gutteral howl "Resources..." He pondered for a second. "You sure releasing this thing isn't a massive security danger?"

The two looked on into the room at the alien as it stomped around, upended the small table and flung it against the window with a loud bang.

The general simply shrugged. "I don't see a problem with it."


Quick five minute freewrite for todays prompt "massive security danger" as provided by @mariannewest and the Freewriters Community. The post and challenge can be found here;

Felt like writing something for the day, anything to combat mounting cabin fever. Thanks Freewriters Community for giving me a creative outlet.

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