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the sound of water makes my heart comfortable and also at ease with the rushing water that is so natural and also far from the hustle and bustle of the city that makes me saturated meaningless

a visit to a village which of course is still very beautiful makes my mind clear again After working for a long time in a city that is so busy with various sounds and activities

the river is like a fixer for my problems all this time where the comfort is there so I am calmer and also more relaxed at this time



There is this peace and tranquility found in a flowing water, the sight and the sound of the brings unfound peace to the soul.
And you explore these richly in your poem.
Personally, i've found out that being close to streams or rivers helps me to think clearly.
This is a beautiful poem, I simply love it.

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading my poem I feel so honored by the comments

You are welcome, I'm glad i read them.

Cakology berfungsi menembus batas imaginasi... hahaha mantap hatta

Hahaha that paloe bit

Angkat aku jadi muridmu suhu..

The calmness of the river and its soothing tendencies...