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Come all from far and near
I’m about to tell a story you need to hear
It is nothing but the truth
The story of the rape of Ruth

The heinous act took place many years ago
And it was one that battered the ego
Of an innocent young lady who got broken inside
Until she committed suicide

Ruth was raped in the month of February
At the office by the corner of the sanctuary
By a priest to whom she had gone
To confess the sins she had done

While Ruth’s eyes were closed in prayers
She felt an unusual hand unzipping her trousers
A loud cry she made to the Heavens in whom she did trust
But no help came, save for several thrust upon thrust

The priest said, “I will kill you if you tell anyone”

But Ruth was fearless, she did tell everyone
But the case was merely dismissed as character assassination
By a young lady who has sworn to bring shame to the congregation.



This is a beautiful poem, with depth and lessons. It speaks of the ills not just in the society, but in religious circles as well.
We do have to speak up.
This is a good one @gandhibaba, keep it up.