Results of ZapFic Week 132

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Last weeks #ZapFic entries!

There were 25 valid entries for week 132: “morning”



























Here are this week’s 5 winners

@surrealfia, @morey-lezama, @botefarm, @daniella619, @deeanndmathews

Congratulations you 🐝lovely🐝bees🐝!

You each win 2 Hive-SBI shares to find out more about Hive-SBI checkout this post you also will have 10% each of the author rewards of this post. And you are in the hall of fame!

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No prompt this week.

I am taking a break from Hive for a bit.

Nothing has happened. I'm okay.

I'm not powering down, nor leaving.

I just need a break.

Take care you lovely bees.



Congratulations to @surrealfia, @morey-lezama, @botefarm, @daniella619, and @deeanndmathews on your outstanding zapfic stories for last week.

Thank you!

Thank you very much. Pleasantly surprised. There was a good participation.

thank you ❤

Congratulations to the winners!

Yeah boss.

Congrats to all the winners.
Too bad for me as there is no prompt this week.
Will I get some votes from Zapfic if I write with my own prompt?

Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Sorry dear.
There's always another time.

I'll wait.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I won again.
Thanks Mr Bruce

good job everyone!

Congratulations to fellow winners @surrealfia, @morey-lezama, @botefarm, and @daniella619!

And, -- ENJOY YOUR BREAK. Everyone needs some time off sometimes to regroup and relax and refresh. Thank you for EVERYTHING YOU DO, and enjoy your break.

thank you so much ❤

Thanks ma'am

We shall surely miss you. Have a lovely vacation. Congratulations to last week winners

Thank you so much ❤ this means a lot to me ❤ I hope you get back soon enough from your break fully recharged...
Many congratulations to @morey-lezama, @botefarm, @daniella619 and @deeanndmathews


Thank you!

You're welcome

Congratulations to all the winners.

We hope you come back soon.

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Congratulations to all the winners!

Blessings, I hope all is well with you ✨

Hi Just sending a note to say I hope all is well with you. Everyone needs a break sometimes! I was glad to read that is the reason for your absence. Happy Holidays!

Hi! Where are you?!
Do come back from Neptune as soon as possible! We need to see your cats and sheep dolls! LoL