Why is it 10 o'clock? 5 minute Freewrite

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Dear friends

This is my entry for the Wednesday´s 5 minute freewrite challenge of @mariannewest. If you want to participate here you have the rules at the following link.

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Why is it 10 o'clock?

On some occasions we have wished for the clock to stop at 10 o'clock, to be able to enjoy the radiant morning sun, take a moment of rest in the office, enjoy a coffee and with the frozen time appreciate the gifts that we receive from God. In that instant appreciate the wonders of the Universe.

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Congelar el tiempo es lo que me gustaria, detenernos con la nocencia y sonrisas en las lindas caritas de nuestros pequeños, crecen tan rápido. Momentos en los que comia chocolates tampoco estaría mal jaja

Por supuesto amiga, lo bueno es que a pesar del tiempo los recuerdos estan congelados en el tiempo de nuestra memoria, y lo del chocolate ni se diga ja ja ja

I feel you, a rest is nice. Thank you for sharing. I pray Gods blesses you with all kinds of Goodies. So much it'll bless those that know you. :)