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Dear friends
When it comes to women's tastes, they don't know what a man really likes, this unknown continues throughout his life. It is so much so that there are many separations and divorces in which two people who initially thought they loved each other end up hating each other, losing mutual respect.

Of course, this also applies to men since a person's taste does not distinguish between sex.

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Ellas no saben
En cuanto a los gustos de las mujeres, no saben qué es lo que realmente le gusta a un hombre, esa incógnita continúa durante toda su vida. Tanto es así que son muchas las separaciones y divorcios en los que dos personas que inicialmente pensaban que se amaban acaban odiándose, perdiendo el respeto mutuo.
Por supuesto, esto también se aplica a los hombres, ya que el gusto de una persona no distingue entre sexos.

Dear friends

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Very true. Love based off of émotion is doomed before it begins. Christ taught love is an action verb. Take care.

If people would work through their differences instead of taking the easy way out, there would be less divorce.

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