The sailor, a man with the secrets of the sea (23/30)

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As the good things always happen today I am participating in the FreeWriteHouse writing challenge "Maynia", which will be developing during the month of May.


In this story the adventures that Thomas had as a sailor are narrated, when he was older he was imprisoned on an island leaving behind in the city where he lived his daughter Mindy and his wife.

On the island where he had arrived with his boat, there was a discussion in the pub where he was sharing with his friends, a fight arose, so one of those present died and he was accused of it. He was then imprisoned, being subjected to a trial of which finally without relevant evidence he was sentenced to serve a sentence on probation, he was helped by Mary who invited him to his home for not having money to pay for his accommodation. Mary was have a daughter named Angeline who was adopted by Thomas who after a romance stayed permanently with her mother.

When Mary died, Thomas decided to return to the city where he found that his wife had passed away and that his daughter Mindy, of legal age, opened the doors of his house, lodging him there until he died.

He had left the charge to Angeline that in case he died she would do everything possible to travel to the city where her sister lived, which she did not know. When he arrived in the city and called his sister, he informed him of their situation that they were both sisters and that they had to meet to elucidate the legacy of their father. In the chapters that follow, the story is unraveled.

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Today's Prompts

Today's Maynia prompt: garbage
The Daily Freewrite prompt: egg salad

I hope to fulfill the stated purpose, thanks for your reading.


Chapter XXII Garbage

Egg salad

After arriving at the hotel on vacation in the Caribbean tax haven, Mindy, after being shown her room and placing her belongings on one end of it, was amazed by its details, in which a beautiful painting stood out, its attractiveness being that of a flagship sailing ship like the one she was sure her father had sailed. Next to the television, a small table with her chair invited her to leave her purse and her notepad in which she had written down all the tasks she came to do on the island and the people with whom she should meet. Once she finished arranging all her things and being at ease exhausted from the trip, she settled on the bed falling asleep peacefully.

In the morning she went to the hotel restaurant where a special breakfast consisting of egg salad, toast, coffee and natural juice was served. She was fascinated about how the chef had taken care of caring for her and how good she was feeling that morning.

(end 5 minutes)

While there, eating breakfast alone, the man who had received her the previous day when she arrived at the hotel approached her, at that moment she coincidentally remembered that her name coincided with that of her father since he told her his name was Thomas. When he saw her sitting there distracted watching the goldfish that were swimming in a fish tank after greeting her, he said:

"Do not think that they are calm fish, also between them there are fights for the dominance of space"

Mindy, without knowing what he meant, asked him to explain himself better and invited him to sit down, the waiter immediately came and served them coffee again, he also brought them some crackers.

Thus, as Thomas entered into confidence with her, he began to tell her stories of the island where the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants stood out. Now feeling at home, she was paying close attention to his words. So a time passed that made her momentarily forget the reason why she was at that moment on that unknown island. With the conversation he wanted her to relax and tell her the reason for her visit to the island without obstacles. Mindy suddenly reacted and realized that she was already delayed, the conversation with her new friend even though he gave the impression of being a nice person was already giving him the impression that he wanted to know what the purpose was that she was visiting the island, since being alone did not explain the fact that she had traveled as a simple tourist, she then intuited that his attitude was that of an investigator of her life, so cutting the conversation off, she got up from the table. saying goodbye to him until another opportunity that they could see, without committing themselves absolutely to anything.

The city

That day Mindy had planned it to know the island's capital and its surroundings. As every hour a tourist bus to tours to show the city to newcomers, she chose to buy a ticket at the hotel reception to make the reconnaissance trip that would take her to know the environment in which her father had developed, she waited sitting on a bench at the bus stop outside the hotel. Other visitors sitting next to her spoke in a language unknown to her with the appearance of being European people due to their whitish complexion and light hair. They, without taking care of his presence, spoke animatedly. At the scheduled time the bus finally appeared, hurrying up to the unit, by stairs to the top that was uncovered. All of them including her with photography machines ready to take images of the city. At the beginning of the tour a guide began to narrate the places through which they were passing, among them they passed next to the Government House where the president dispatches, the National Theater, next to an immense park with beautiful gardens of houses in a stately style ancient that denoted the glorious past of the city in which being a den of traffickers and pirates who had it as their refuge.

Mindy when seeing all, that seemed to her that she was fulfilling what her father had planned for her stay. The bus on its way took an avenue that bordered the coast, where the sea gently licked the golden sands adorned with coconut palms. The guide gave explanations in several languages ​​so that travelers could know the history of the place and the battles that took place on the shore of that long beach.

After back to the hotel, Mindy now hungry went to the restaurant where the menu that was being served at the time was fried fish accompanied by seasoned rice and striped coconut, a typical orchestra gave a happy touch to the moment. She thought at that moment that life in the city where she had come from until now had passed too calmly and without many setbacks, rather she perceived her life before was simple and oblivious to many emotions.

Returning to her room, she turned on the TV to see the news of the moment, a call to her mobile phone returned her to the world, it was Angeline, who when she attended said:

"Mindy, how did you get to the island? I was worried about you, since since we said goodbye at the airport I had no news from you, and communications have been very deficient. How far have you gone?"

Mindy being relaxed, in a slow voice replied:

"Angeline, the trip was the best, the attention they have given me at the hotel is top notch, today I got to know the surroundings of the city, certainly despite being alone I have not had time to stop to think about it, everybody expresses its curiosity when they asked me what I have come here to do, one of them a man who came to meet me the day he arrives, he works for the travel agency we hired, so far despite his education he has it was a bit heavy. "

Angeline, laughing out loud said: "Mindy I see that you run away from men a little, you should not take things the way you do, try to have fun, take it as if you are spending a few days of vacation"

She then replied: "Don't worry, I know why I say it, however tomorrow I will go to interview the bank's charge d'affaires." That said, they said goodbye affectionately.

Business interview

The weather suddenly began to worsen that morning, with relative frequency the island suffered the scourge of tropical storms that paralyzed the activity of the city, just one that day scheduled for the bank's business interview claimed its place. She taking an umbrella and her raincoat without fear asked the receptionist for a taxi service to take her to the city center. The streets that had to go through the old town, being very narrow, made the transit of vehicles a little difficult, which made she take a while to arrive at the scheduled time for the interview.

When one of the attendees arrived, she received her, after she sat down, the man after commenting on the atmospheric phenomenon that was occurring, told her that they offered their clients a reliable service with high results.

Mindy, then from her wallet extracted a legacy of papers that contained the information about the accounts and assets that her father Thomas had deposited in that bank, with the due authorization signed by her father so that she and her sister could dispose of them. She said to him: "As you can see, this document is original, notarized and also ratified by the signature of the person in charge of the bank at that time, I know that up to now you have guarded these assets that are my property"

The man, taking the document to read it, confirmed to Mindy the validity of the document, only that for the time elapsed since the signing of the initial investment contract for Thomas' assets, at the present time the assets involved were invested in real estate. In addition, a loan had been granted to the island's fish cooperative, they are paying the loan back on time.

Even without understanding all that verbiage, she told him that her answers do not convince her and if she did not provide him with an accurate report of the assets involved, she would go to sue the bank for damages.

The disdainful man assumed a negative aptitude and rudely told Mindy that she must withdraw from there at that very moment.

Executive lunch

Mindy feeling at that time that her effort to have made the trip gave her the impression of being useless due to the aptitude of the bank's business manager, she left that office with high spirits since she had previously thought that what happened could happen to her, reason why in advance she had contacted a lawyer from the island who would help her recover what belonged to her and her sister Angeline. So when she left the bank, she called the lawyer to talk privately about the matter and negotiate with him the next steps that should be followed to recover his assets. So she went without further delay to the office that her lawyer had on the island, when she got there after commenting on what happened at the bank, he kindly invited her to an executive lunch to reassure her privately and without witnesses, the actions to follow from that moment onwards.

Upon arriving at the restaurant they went directly to sit at a secluded table located on a terrace by the sea, Mindy, captured the magic of the place where the memory of her father was more present than ever. The lawyer after they finished eating, he explained all the steps they would take, one of them was the visit by the investigative police for a requisition of the bank accompanied by a court order to review the books and movements of the bank.

At that time Mindy, emphasize to the lawyer that she perceived in all that a rarefied environment of the island, a real garbage, very different from the image that she had captured on the tourist bus the previous day. The lawyer, upon hearing these expressions from a plumed woman in the city, told him: "You should not worry, as previously the bank has had other lawsuits that, for the most part, have been lost in court and in your case we are to win easily "

Listening to those comforting words, Mindy asked her to take her to her hotel since she only wanted to rest and forget about all these new setbacks.

(the story continues)

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