The sailor, a man with the secrets of the sea (18/30)

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As the good things always happen today I am participating in the FreeWriteHouse writing challenge "Maynia", which will be developing during the month of May.


In this story the adventures that Thomas had as a sailor are narrated, when he was older he was imprisoned on an island leaving behind in the city where he lived his daughter Mindy and his wife.

On the island where he had arrived with his boat, there was a discussion in the pub where he was sharing with his friends, a fight arose, so one of those present died and he was accused of it. He was then imprisoned, being subjected to a trial of which finally without relevant evidence he was sentenced to serve a sentence on probation, he was helped by Mary who invited him to his home for not having money to pay for his accommodation. Mary was have a daughter named Angeline who was adopted by Thomas who after a romance stayed permanently with her mother.

When Mary died, Thomas decided to return to the city where he found that his wife had passed away and that his daughter Mindy, of legal age, opened the doors of his house, lodging him there until he died.

He had left the charge to Angeline that in case he died she would do everything possible to travel to the city where her sister lived, which she did not know. When he arrived in the city and called his sister, he informed him of their situation that they were both sisters and that they had to meet to elucidate the legacy of their father. In the chapters that follow, the story is unraveled.

In the following links you can follow the beginning of the story: First-day, First-day-continuation, Second-day, Third day, Fourth day, Fifth-day, Sixth-day, Seventh-day, Eighth-day, Ninth-day, Tenth day, Eleventh-day, Twelfth-day, Thirteenth-day, Fourteenth-day, Fifteenth-day,Sixteenth-day, Seventeenth-day.

Today's Prompts

Today's Maynia prompt: suffocate
*The Daily Freewrite prompt: nail clippings

I hope to fulfill the stated purpose, thanks for your reading.


Chapter XVIII Suffocate

Nail clippings

The following Monday, Mindy got out of bed with great encouragement, what happened during the day Saturday during the visit of her sister Angeline and Andrew gave her hope that she could soon overcome the bad economic streak she was going through, her father always supported her with the expenses of the house, she had thought that when he died he would not leave her anything, however when reviewing in more detail her personal effects it was seen that now there was a hope that things would change for her.

Immersed in her thoughts without realizing she brushed her hand on the table and damaged a nail, she was already a little late but she had to fix her hands, from a closet she extracted a case with the utensils that allowed her to make a nail clippings.

Once when she finished fixing the problem of her nails by painting them, she dressed and left ready to succeed that splendid day.

(end 5 minutes)

Facing the boss

When Mindy arrived at her work after greeting her other colleagues who were each at their workstations, attentive to their computers, she immediately went to her boss's office.

When he saw her realizing how changed she was, he said jokingly:

"Mindy, tell me what your secret is, you look splendid. Are you having a boyfriend?"

She, despite how calm she had always been, considered that he was abusing her confidence, went overboard with those words, so confronting him, she claimed:

"Just because you're my boss doesn't give you the right to make personal comments that are far from what my job is here."

Realizing his mistake in wanting to get along with her in a somewhat subdued tone, he apologized.

Now feeling important, she knew that from that day on, her relationship with her boss would never be the same since she was going to choose to keep him at bay, now having the certainty that her father was leaving her a good inheritance. He hoped that soon he would free himself from the yoke of that job.

Saying goodbye to him coldly, at her desk, she sat down to elaborate all the work routine with which she could fulfill the objectives that her boss gave in a work document.


The city that day looked with a renewed atmosphere, after having overcome the event of the earthquake, citizens were now sensitized about what it represents to suffer a real danger that this could cause to the city. Considering all this, the mayor that day had to convene the committee of emergencies and disasters to evaluate the results of the day in which part of the city had to be moved from their homes to the central park, he wanted to hear the report out loud of those responsible for the operation and if they had complied with everything that had been previously provided for those cases.

Knowing that the city had a centennial historical center with houses and buildings that protected the history of the city and everything related to the maritime port and the library issued a call via whassap so that all those involved in the responsibilities were in the boardroom. administrative, for concern about the contingency and protection of the historical memory of the city.

Instructing his secretary to make the call for the meeting and make all the necessary preparations, he sat down to read the day's news on his desk.

Opening the newspaper highlighted on the first page the anguish that the residents of the city nursing home had gone through, who, being in the danger area, were not evicted from there because they had no means of transportation and that the Most are disabled. His mind at that time led him to that this would be one of the points to be addressed in the meeting to which he must give a solution so that in future events they were not compromised.

His political action in the city was happening to be a poor management, due to this he considered that the meeting he was planning could even give him merits for his next nomination for the position of governor of his state.

An appointment with the mayor

Andrew spent the weekend, after having Thomas's personal diary in his hands and having analyzed it now, he thought that his work in the city began to make sense, until now the work he had been doing alone in his research in the Library had the cold reference of ancient documents without having a real reference from prominent people who had lived in the city. So, the story Thomas told in his diary was giving him lights where he should focus his weapons to have good results and satisfy the mayor who had hired him.

For his research task, he had hired two university students of history to whom he paid his work with a scholarship that had been awarded by the local city government, so when he arrived at the office he had assigned in the library, the two were there. They were a little overwhelmed talking to him in the form of a machine gun, so Andrew asked them to calm down and speak to him more slowly.

Sighing, they were silent for a moment and immediately proceeded to deliver him a maritime letter highlighting in an attached report the route that one of the ships that had disappeared had taken in which an important load of gold and silver had moved from the city ​​and that until then that information was not available. One of the things they told him was that many sailors had been hired to locate these treasures, but to date the task of obtaining it had been unsuccessful. They excitedly told him that maybe there they were discovering the best kept secret that the city had.

At the end of the narrative of one of his students, Andrew's mobile phone emitted a sound signal with an incoming message, as he had a caller ID and knew in advance that this message came from the mayor's office. Now he took the phone in his hands and when reading the message regarding the meeting that the mayor was convening, he agreed with his students that they would meet another time to discuss the matter of the map and what they had thought regarding the treasure.

Leaving his office, he hurried to meet with the mayor and the municipal government.

The meeting

Everyone at the time of the call entered the mayoral boardroom and took their places around the table where the mayor had already been assigned a preferential place.

Andrew, as he had received the message with a little delay, presented himself there a little overwhelmed, the usher when he saw him, greeted him and invited him to take his place, which was located at the opposite end of that of the mayor, so one of the people that he would always see him. For this reason, Andrew felt a little scared since he had not yet finished fulfilling the commission that the mayor had made him regarding the investigation into the historical memory of the city. At the sound of a bell the mayor entered the meeting room, everyone was silent waiting for him to sit down as the meeting was about to begin. Next to the mayor, his secretary stood up and began to read the agenda for the day. There it was indicated that each one of those responsible should gave the report corresponding to the earthquake event, the actions they took and the measures they plan to foresee for probable future disasters.

Thus, each person in charge of the municipal portfolios gave his report, which was listened to with great attention by the mayor. The majority of those responsible, despite the previous experience they had shown in the fulfillment of their duties, indicated that they were very nervous.

Andrew, was there in the position of adviser to the mayor, did not have to say anything until then.

After everyone finished, they took a fifteen-minute break, each served coffee and cakes, everyone thought that the mayor was satisfied with the report, but they would soon be surprised when he issued his report and went on to unsubscribe. some of them, assigning them other minor responsibilities.

At the end of the cafe everyone sat down, and the mayor, despite what they all said, already had a vision of what had happened that day and the weaknesses that each of his collaborators had, so with a brief speech he expressed his disagreement for the report that they had presented and that from that moment on he would be monitoring their tasks more closely, since his administrative management was being compromised.

At that time everyone in the boardroom suffocated since they did not expect the mayor to make that decision in such a drastic way since until that moment the man had had too much patience which was seen to have already exhausted him.

Andrew, realizing his situation, thought about the popular saying "when the river sounds, it brings stones", so now he valued his skin since his luck could have its days numbered.

The mayor after seeing the expression on the faces of the collaborators affected by the dismissal, to make the fact more noticeable, he named Andrew out loud and began to acknowledge his work that he was doing for the city and in front of everyone he name him in the position of assistant to the mayor. Hearing that he had been appointed to that position, Andrew took a deep breath, as he was now supposed to show results and not like until now that he had only been doing simple research in the city library.

First commission

Everyone left the meeting Andrew being the first time that he attended this type of event, he remained sitting at his post, reflecting on what had happened and the implications that this would have for him in the future. The mayor's secretary unexpectedly approached where she was and informed him that the mayor required his presence in the mayor's office.

He now followed her and there the mayor received him with a wide smile and told him to calm down, that that day he had managed to give a good warning to some of them who had been plotting actions against his management and his person , so from that moment, he had won the battle.

Andrew, he thank him for the appointment and his words and insisted that he would not disappoint him, at that moment I take the opportunity to ask him:

"What will be my first commission?"

The mayor replied:

"You must organize a visit to the nursing home, call the press for that day and also make all the necessary arrangements for the success of my visit since I have a novelty for them, to fulfill the promise I had made to them in my electoral campaign "

Upon learning of his assignment, Andrew shook hands with him and left the office in a hurry to carry out the assigned task.

(the story continues)

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