The queen!/ ¡La reina! (eng/esp) ! A 5 minute freewrite

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The queen

Rita, who always liked to sing, was meeting in a cafe with her friends, there was a Karaoke playing on a large television, her friends then encouraged her by giving her a microphone so that she could follow the music with her voice. When she started to sing, she suddenly fell silent since at that moment her favorite singer made her appearance, everyone encouraged her to continue, since now she was the queen of the show.

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La reina
Rita, a quien siempre le gustó cantar, se encontraba en un café con sus amigas, había un Karaoke en un televisor grande, luego sus amigas la animaron dándole un micrófono para que pudiera seguir la música con su voz. Cuando empezó a cantar, de repente se quedó en silencio ya que en ese momento hizo su aparición su cantante favorito, todos la animaron a continuar, ya que ahora ella era la reina del espectáculo.

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