Pigeon hole ! A 5 minute freewrite

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Marta had met Miguel during her summer vacations, those days were of fiery romance and they both fell in love but they knew that this love could not continue since they lived in distant cities.

Marta returned to her house, her melancholy made her spend part of the day crying for her lover. She only had one consolation, walking to the post office that she visited every day to check her pigeon hole in case she had a letter from Miguel.

She was unsuccessful several times until one day, the postal worker informed her that she had received a very large box.

Her heart leapt from her joy, inside her box when she opened it, she found several gifts, among which was two plane tickets to travel to a Caribbean island for her and Miguel.

In the box, a letter from Miguel confirmed his good intentions and asked her to accept him as her husband.

She accepted.

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Marta había conocido a Miguel durante sus vacaciones de verano, esos días fueron de apasionado romance y ambos se enamoraron pero sabían que ese amor no podía continuar ya que vivían en ciudades lejanas.
Marta regresó a su casa, su melancolía la hizo pasar parte del día llorando por su amado Solo tenía un consuelo, caminar hasta la oficina de correos que visitaba todos los días para revisar su casillero por si tenía una carta de Miguel.
Varias veces infructuosamente hasta que un día, el empleado de correos le informó que había recibido una caja muy grande.
Su corazón saltó de su alegría, dentro de la caja cuando la abrió, encontró varios obsequios, entre los que se encontraban dos boletos de avión para viajar a una isla caribeña para ella y Miguel.
En el buzón, una carta de Miguel confirmaba sus buenas intenciones y le pedía que lo aceptara como esposo.

Ella aceptó.

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